Mud history - artifacts and more

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Mud history - artifacts and more

Postby koxa » Thu Dec 07, 2023 10:22 am


I was just browsing around the web for old Sojourn/Toril stuff the other day and ended reading some post on old artifacts/unique item politics.
I realised I can only remember a few of these old legendary item but I'm pretty sure you guys can help me refresh my memory.

If I remember correctly these where some of the chars and items that was around back in the days:

Ilshadrial had an enchanted drusus named 'fade', I think...
Thruar was the last wielder of Avernus the lifestealer I think... (Did Kanthas and someone starting with a J? wield it too?)
There was some druid named Deidrit I think who had a cloak? Can't remember itemname...
Gorsh? had some weapon and a pair of gauntlets? Maybe some boots? The boots of strategy?
Menoch had a bunch of restrings including a wooden peg leg...
Some paladin had the holy avenger of Ambran.
Tagad had some warhammer? Was it the mystical warhammer of the barbarian kings?
There was a gigantic two-handed sword named Lightning or something?
Who had Doombringer the sword of chaos, dunno if the name is correct?
Toddrick had some rod or something and an amulet I think?
Someone had some axe or something of Wulgard the slayer?

Help me refresh my memory please:)

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