Room sizes?

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Room sizes?

Postby byzanthia » Wed Feb 28, 2024 8:18 pm

I remember that a long time ago (21 yrs), rooms had room sizes. E.g. from this old capture:

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< 945h/799H 142v/142V> A Stone Circle
   As well as the randomly scattered rocks common to this region there appears
here a circle of the stones approximately 25 yards in diameter.  The stones of
the circle are virtually indistinguishable from the other randomly dispersed
rocks apart from there uniform arrangement.  There are several gaps in the
circle and in some places there remains a rock resting on two of its fellows
below.  The rocks are about two feet long, one foot wide and about one foot in
depths.  There are a several tufts of grass growing about and inside the
Room size: Tiny (L:5 ft  W:5 ft  H:5 ft)
Exits: - North - East  - South - West
Klurg Break Tooth (RP) (Troll) stands here, fighting the sandstorm beast.
The sandstorm beast stands here, fighting Klurg.
A colossal red dragon scours the desert for prey.
Lurgo flies in from the west.
Rokub skulks in from the west.
Zogur flies in from the west.

Nowadays, I don't see that anymore, which makes it almost impossible to determine if a room could be single-file or not. I also liked seeing the room dimensions to give me some idea of how large places were and add to the world immersion, rather than one size fits all :(

E.g. today:

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A Treacherous Rift
   This rift in the rock leads straight down through the black granite in this
region. The rift is only a few feet wide, and tapers off to jagged points to
either side. No apparent handholds are available, making one brace themselves
against the stone as they ascend or descend through the rift. A small ledge
opens up to the west.
Exits: - West  - Up     [73177]
A rock lizard clings to the wall here
A multisegmented worm crawls around here.

< 844h/844H 179v/180V P: std >
< |ss +|sk +|ua +|ros +|sod +|cv +|cc +|vip +|wu +|nop +|ub +|ut +|hd +|dsd +|iw +| >     
Oof! It seems that a carrion crawler is in your way.

How can I get room sizes shown? Or is that no longer possible?

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