Removing notches? or making them irrelevant...

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Removing notches? or making them irrelevant...

Postby Oggsk » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:22 pm

I used to play in fantasy football league back in the early days... in the 90s and early 2000s when the online sites were just starting. We had a yardage and points league, meaning that what ever yards a receiver got for catches that day, you got points for. It was 1pt per 10 yards. This meant if your guy got 79 yards, you got 7 pts.

I proposed a rule change to .1 pts per 1yrd. This effectively gave the same receiver 7.9 points instead of the 7. Amazingly, this proposal did not get enough agreement from other owners including one guy who actually would have won a game had that scoring changing been implemented.

So I am proposing the same sort of thing for the stat notches in the game. Change notches to function in an equivalent manner. A human warrior with 100 con gets +4 hps/lvl, at 101 he gets +5hps/lvl, would it be monumentally difficult to change things so that at 100 con, its +4.5 hps/lvl? (4.5 because the next hps notch is actually at 112)

Granted, my FFL example is based on linear numbers, and the stat curve appears to be a bell curve of some sort, so that comes into effect also... but i thought it was at least worth discussing

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