Weapon Size vs Mob Size

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Weapon Size vs Mob Size

Postby Nyyrazzilyss » Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:50 pm

Something really needs to be reworked when it comes to weapons/mobs.

How does a halfing with a dagger CIRCLE are behind a COLOSSAL dragon, and poke it with a 6 inch dagger for 10x the damage of a huge warrior with a two handed sword?

I'd suggest a modifier applied to total damage after all dice/+dam/etc based on weapon size vs mob size, and potentially player size vs mob size as well. A dagger vs something massive sized might be reduced to 75% damage, gargantuan=50%, collosal=25%.... At the same time, perhaps using a 2-hand weapon vs the same mob could be 200%/300%/400% damage.

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