The first split with the new system.

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The first split with the new system.

Postby Inama » Fri Sep 02, 2016 4:40 am

The glist was as follows:
the silver veins of a tempest
a ruby studded black dragonscale
a pair of runed balorskin gloves
a yetihide quiver of the Flying Boulder tribe
a bodycloak of burnished red dragon scales
a collar of red dragon control
an opal earring
a heavy cloak of dragonskin
a brushed gold amulet shaped like the sun
a pair of fur lined steel bracers
a thick necklace of linked silver
some lavish shoes with arcane runes
an eye of the hive mother
an eye of a beholder encased in liquid
an eerie eyestalk ring
the beholder general's armor plating
a helm of petrified worms
a strange belt with attached emerald tail plates
some mold covered goggles
some mysteriously glowing lockpicks
a ring of solid rock

Bids: (* indicates winner)
Awuk - rock 2000
Vooku - rock 200
Dogmasa bid 1 - rock 5000
Azeh bid 1 - rock 5000
Dogmasa bid 2 - rock 6000
Azeh bid 2 - rock 7500*

Gakag - plating 500
Azora - plating 13400*

Pibbinivil - collar 500
Holah - collar 1000*
Rrissun - collar 100

Oleman - eye 800
me - eye 10000* (I bid before anyone else)

Tiyipippedle - opal 200
Zezsad - opal 1000*

Iveleree - bodycloak 500* (solo bid)
Raya - necklace 1000* (solo bid)

We collected 34400 p and split it among the 8 losers, giving 4300 p to Awuk, Vooku, Dogmasa, Gakag, Pibbinivil, Rrissun, Oleman, Tiyipippedle.

The 8 losers were allowed to bid 2nd round by the normal system of gdicing 1 d 100 with the win going to the highest roll at no platinum cost.

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