The second split with the new system.

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The second split with the new system.

Postby Inama » Sat Sep 03, 2016 4:32 am

a small stud of translucent blue ice
a set of frozen ice shard greaves
a small tablet of crystalline ice
a portable planar rift
a frozen heart of crystal ice
a frost encrusted horn
a collar of shimmering black ice
the frozen tongue of a frost salamander
a charred cloak covered with runic skulls

Bids: (* denotes winner)
Rurrar - abstain
Kajj - abstain
Gokud - stud 1k*

Oleman - rift 3k*
Azora - rift 2k

Rrissun - greaves 1k
Yesiminaz - greaves 25k*

Namassa - horn 20k
Minas - horn 80k*
me - horn 25k

Azmaell - collar 2k
Fupepe - collar 1k
Mrizzalazzrazzi - collar 3k
Nucha - collar 12k*

The 9 non-winners, Rurrar, Kajj, Azora, Rrissun, me, Namassa, Azmaell, Fupepe, Mrizzalazzrazzi, received 13445 p each.

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