Paladin and Anti-Paladin Playability at End Game

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Paladin and Anti-Paladin Playability at End Game

Postby Rurrar » Sun Sep 18, 2016 8:02 pm

So in discussing with a couple of people I have decided to post an idea I had to make 2 classes that are not used in endgame into something that could be used. Paladins and A-P are jacks of all trades, they can tank and heal, but not as good as their counterparts. What if they kept this utility that they currently have, but were given something useful to help the group as well. For Paladins, and this is not my idea but was taken from the game that shall not be named, They could be given an Aura or "Presence" that is beneficial to to the entire Party or Raid. Give them one every couple of Circles as a spell that affects anyone grouped in the same room with the Paladin. Below are a couple of examples.

Aura of Courage - Armor (Maybe a beefed up armor by 5 or 10 to an normal level 1 armor spell)
Aura of Prowess - Anytime a party member under this aura is damaged it does damage back to this mob.
Aura of Generosity - Expedites the Ress Effects.

For Anti-Paladins I wanted to make it different, the thought was Diseases (Inflict Disease is a D&D skill for A-P so I thought it fit), A-P would be a debuff class that could have a few diseases that would debuff the mobs making them more susceptible to things like the elements, undead magics, nature magics, and weaken or enfeeble them. A few ideas:

Pox - Weaken and Slow
Asphyxia - Briefer version of Silence
Necrosis - Susceptibility Undead Magics
Black Death - Damage over Time Spell (5D20 over 5 ticks for example)

I know that this would probably take significant coding to make happen, I more wanted to just start a discussion about making classes that do not really get played a viable option for someone who enjoys the class. This was by no means a complete idea, just something I was thinking about the other day. Thoughts, Ideas, Gentle Criticisms welcome...
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Re: Paladin and Anti-Paladin Playability at End Game

Postby DontCareBear » Sat Oct 29, 2016 6:19 pm

That was very well thought out and sounds easily balanced; if handled with any grace.

If Paladins really aren't cutting it in any department then it makes sense to at least give them some powers in the group friendly and dynamic departments. That is of course if it is intended for the Paladin to be that "jack of all trades" type of character.

As a mostly Cleric, with very little experience on the matter, I think it would add some flavor to the grouping experience.
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Re: Paladin and Anti-Paladin Playability at End Game

Postby Nurpy Fuzzyfeet » Mon Feb 20, 2017 11:12 pm

I like this idea.
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