Buggish stuff and Enchanter stuff

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Buggish stuff and Enchanter stuff

Postby Valeos/Dorac » Fri Apr 06, 2001 8:44 am

I took a little bit of time, not much mind you, to make a small list of stuffs that could use tweaks or get fixed or something i dunno...check it out tell me if im insane or whatever Image

Blink sometimes doesnt work at all... casts and nothing happens, target not teleported out of room or out of combat.

Warrior/rogue mobs should not see invisible, especially under level 30.

Mobs switch WAY too much, almost every round if they can. At low level it is absolute hell on groups. And sometimes switch without a switch message.

Non classed mobs should give more exp, warrior classed mobs give decent exp but a caster cannot solo a warrior classed mob very well because of bash etc. Casters tend to fight non classed mobs alot for exp and since they are almost no exp it is almost a waste of time or extremely slow exp and leveling.

Detect invisible should be moved up to at least 6th or 7th circle to make invisiblity actually worthwhile.
If everything and everyone can see invisible its totally pointless to have an invisibilty spell.

Offence spells seem to either not do enough damage or tend to do more than they should.
Magic missiles, Totem darts, seem to do a tad too much could be toned down a little, not much just a little, enchanters have enough problems dealing damage, would rather see the magic missiles do what they do now. Image
Lightning bolt and chill touch seem to do the same amount of damage when chill touch is 2nd circle and lightning bolt is 4th. Bolt should do alot more damage than that. And magic missiles do at least 3x more damage than lightning bolt.

Possible enchanter tweaks; enchanters dont have enough offence, could do with some tweak of spell circles, or possibly the addition of a few more offensive enchantment spells. Could move ray of enfeeblement down to 3rd circle from 4th. As is 3rd circle has pretty much no useful spells in it. Str and Dex never get used despite what people say, and blink hardly gets used, only heavily in Thrym. Would be nice to get more enchantment spells, more variety, be cool to be able to choose from alot of offensive and defensive spells to cast. Being just a haste/stone/globe/dragonscales caster is boring. Enchanters may be a powerful class to play when high level but only because we are extremely hard to kill with scales. Actually only well played enchanters are extremely hard to kill. But at high level they are boring with few spells to cast.
Spells that pretty much never got cast:
Missile shield - barely any ranged mobs most too weenie and sucked, too low level cept the archers in manscorps.
Wizard eye - has to be the most useless spell in game heh.
Solid fog - again no ranged mobs, only usefull on evil side due to sunlight blockage.
Repulsion - made running the fields of the dead easy, beyond that never used because didnt block high enuff level.
Mind blank - never found last wipe, but sounds useless tho since only psi mobs are githyankis and they wimps.

Enchanters should get enchant weapon BEFORE conjurers. In fact conjurers should not even get that spell. Since it is a major enchant spell it should only be enchanters who get it and get it in 4th instead of 6th circle. Having conjurers get that spell 2 circles before enchanters is just silly.

Possibly add enchant armor might make things interesting with randomly enchanted armor.

Justice needs to be fixed, could be heavily twinked for cash, get arrested for murder and while sitting in jail if the mud crashes you are out and now wanted for escape ontop of murder, get someone to turn you in at the judge and you in jail untied, can just walk out of jail and be wanted for an extra escape, every 12 minutes can get 50p with being turned in and every boot your worth doubles 50,100,200,400..etc.. people need to be tied up when turned in and not receive an escape when the mud crashes when sitting in jail.

OOC should be able to be done in combat.
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Postby moritheil » Fri Apr 06, 2001 7:20 pm

OOC in combat - yes! I'd love to see it.

DI 7th circle? What would people *do* ? it could be waaaay twinky.

blink is screwy, bolt is weak (as it has been for a while). Agree.

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