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About newbie zone

Postby Fasamaot » Sun Oct 28, 2001 4:26 pm

Well... I think mobs there are too hard.

With my level 1 enchanter I could easily kill kooshie dogs and robins in Luth and couldn't kill any mob in newbie zone... that's odd... I thought newbie zone is for newbies who don't know anything and so mobs there should be easiest on the mud.

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Postby Sarvis » Sun Oct 28, 2001 4:33 pm

The problem is that warrior types already walk through newbie zone mobs, making them any easier would just allow warriors to go on a murderous rampage without even needing to rest! Image

Casters are just too weak to do anything at all really for the first couple levels. Making it so they can't stutter 1st circle spells was a good start, but the spells still don't really do any damage.

Hrm... spells get more powerful with level right? Such as magic missile does 1-4 damage at level 1, then maybe 2-5 or something at level 5? Maybe if these spells started off at whatever the second damage notch is... so instead of burning hands doing 1-4 damage, it does the 2-5 damage. *shrug* something like that might help a bit. Or the newbie mobs not regenerating like someone else said...

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Postby Bopple » Sun Oct 28, 2001 5:06 pm

Hrmm...how about separate newbie zones for warriors and casters respectively?
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Postby kiryan » Sun Oct 28, 2001 6:24 pm

id like to see one magic missile from a level 1 character kill a level 1 mob, assuming the missile hits the mob.

I dont think that would be unbalancing, since they got to spend 25-30 s rememming. Warriors can walk through mobs with occasionally needing to rest.

Probably best way to do that is just triple the dam on the first missile, then calculate additional missiles as normal or if there is only one missile calculate it as x instead of normal.
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Postby Mplor » Mon Oct 29, 2001 5:08 pm

I agree. The newbie zone is a super idea and works well in many cases, but it has also acted as a turn-off for some newbies I've met in there who felt it was too hard.

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