CR, those you trust, dragging corpse and consent.

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CR, those you trust, dragging corpse and consent.

Postby Grxx » Sat Nov 17, 2001 8:59 am

this doesnt seem like such a good idea since the rot timer recoding and honestly im not sure i understand exactly how that works yet, but heres something i think.
there are times when cr might take too long due to rl responsibilities or obligations, but you need to do something if at the very least stay connected while the person you consented loots or drags your corpse for you.
it seems like a better way is if instead of consent being revoked when you log, have it so it happens when they log, tho deaths or crashes might fck that up.
another way is a consent timer, consent Gruxxette 3 hours, giving her 3 hours to take care of the corpse.
another way is maybe a perma consent, those like say Gruxxette who rp the mate of Grxx, or say Hertat my rl friend who lives just down the road would be people i would trust with something like total consent. maybe the disclaimer that you consent people like that at your own risk.
consent Gruxxette corpse total, would allow Gruxxette to move any Grxx corpse any time.
consent Gruxxette loot total, would allow her to move or loot Grxx corpses at any time

really i would like to see levels of consent.
consent Gruxxette drag, she can drag corpse not loot.
consent squidboy group, maintains consent on shifter for duration of grouping.
consent squid group shift, for duration of group for shifting only, not for corpses
consent Gruxxette spell, consent untill one of you log for purpose of spells like disspell or summon.
i think one should be able to have more than one consented at a time.
i think that death should not ungroup you. i think even a group spank and everyone should log back on still a member of the group.
i think then you should be able to do something like:
consent squidboy shift Boya
consent Boya drag group
consent Gruxxette
consent Zipalodok ress group
consent squidboy target always

so all at the same time i have a shifter consented to shift me to Boya only whenever he is ready. i have Boya consented to drag my corpse away from aggro mobs as long as we are grouped together. i have Gruxxette who has consent for things like looting, summoning, overloading as long as we both on or till i revoke it. i have Zipalodok who has consent to resurrect as soon as he can. and i have another squid who can use me as a target anytime he likes. this would be a great thing, it would allow a person to be afk while others get ready for him. as sometimes all you can do is wait, and we all know how annoying it is to just sit in guild consenting so and so, then consenting the next guy, and the next, and how bothered some of these people can get if your not on the ball and the whole show is held up cause you blinked and missed the tell to consent someone else.
some of these ideas are prolly just not possible.
but ones like group not disbanding after death id really like to see.
consent dinglefritz drag (for those yould prefer didnt touch your eq but still need corpse drug)
consent Gruxxette always, giving her your consent at all times or at least when nobody else has it. possibly a pass word she can use to allow her to handle corpses...something like:
drag Grxx mate w, or get all Grxx mate
possibly when i log on a message will flash first thing:
19:45 11/12/01 Gruxxette moved corpse from pirate ship to dk fountain. Gruxxette looted corpse...

maybe in instances like someone becoming disconnected and die while in a group one of the group members can request consent from the gods in order to help group mate, this consent would be good for dragging corpse only, and only to a designated place, onto ep, one room away getting it away from agro, to dk fountain, to guild of deceased, prolly with something like that they should be locked in, say god consents Grxx as a member of the group Gruxxette died in to drag her corpse to the guild in Ghore, now this is whut he needs to do before anything else, he cannot move with out dragging corpse along from the first room he moves it till he gets to where he said he was going with it. unless say he puts it back to where Gruxxette died.
i seen a Morgue suggested, this idea kicks ass, and would really make my ideas in this post better, a common place for corpses, a place they will never rot.
now say Gruxxettes isp takes a shit or she is out of time to play and she cant log back onto cr, Grxx sees this and asks the gods to be allowed to drag Gruxxettes corpse to the morgue. now he is locked into completing this mission, if Grxx does not get Gruxxettes corpse to the morgue and she losses her eq Grxx should be punished, take all his eq, delete his char, take some levels away, fine him, maybe even let Gruxxette decide his fate.

Man i think i got a little carried away here.
I also think that tho some of these ideas prolly arent even possible, some of them prolly wouldnt be that hard to implement and would really improve the game.

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