Pets and whut they can do.

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Pets and whut they can do.

Postby Grxx » Sat Nov 17, 2001 10:50 am

i was thinking, say you have a pet for a long time, it seems that a bond would
develop, also it seems like a dog you had for a month would listen better and maybe
have more skills than one you had an hour.
maybe give pets skills and levels.
so if one wanted to have a tight pet, maybe someone who prefers to solo, they could
prac with it.
train dog rescue
train dog lunge
train dog switch mobs
train dog fetch...order dog north get sword south
train dog call pet from 1 or maybe up to 5 rooms away, perhaps a good dog
from anywhere within the zone.
im not sure but can you tog a pets wimpy?
other pets like bears, train bear bash
train horse kick
train horse bite
a good horse maybe can be given a path to follow and person to find.
give horse bag
order horse find Grxa give bag grxa consent grxa return
maybe im getting a little carried away here but i think pets are weak and should have
some upgrades. horses need moves and stamina badly for one thing.
one other thing i think would be cool. say like when you die with a pet still there that
pet could be used for a shift target, or itself be shifted.

one more thing i think larger pets like horses and say like bears or camels should be able to do, haul corpses.
order horse drag grxx, or give grxx horse, or put grxx horse, something to that effect
consent horse
load grxx horse
order horse carry grxx
order horse follow

load grxx horse
order horse carry grxx
order horse return stable

this way the horse will carry your corpse for you, of course he might not make it, but that would just be a chance youd take.

but defiantly i think pets should be trainable, shiftable, able to be on ep, and even ressable like after a pet reaches certain level it can be named or just plan labled as your pet:
grxx stands here.
grxx dog sits at his heels. or A dog sits at grxxes feet obediantly.
this would not only add to rp, as i think it would be pretty cool to have a pet that didnt vanish after a crash or a boot, one that was trainable not only to do a few usefull skills, like maybe order dog track Timackir, or say it ran out of moves and you walk on, that pet would follow your trail till it caught up with you or could no longer precede due to say you entered a ship or portal or something, a good dog would wait there, and say if you log the dog would return to stable or the inn he last rented at
or just maybe wander the area you left him till you log on again, or disappear into a void till you log on again.
or maybe if you log with a pet just left behind you loose it.
im not trying to get like super pets, just trying to make them more fun and usefull.
some classes like say a pali has a sort of bond with their horse, it only makes sense the more time they spend together, the more battles they are in the better the horse would respond.
there are just so many things i think a pet should be able to do.
order horse block door n, horse will stand in doorway and block mobs from coming or going.
order bear guard guard, bear now will block the path of the guard if he tries to move.
order bear track guard, bear now goes where guard goes.
a bird say could be great fun too...
order bird swoop mage, bird will now repeatedly dive bomb mage increasing the chance spells will fail or reducing number of attacks or increasing chance attack will miss.
order bird 3nen2ws tag 1.guard return
use bird to lure, this could be too great a skill so say maybe depending on birds int, skill levels and exp it may get lost, my tag wrong mob, may tag more than one mob, may not flee, may not return, say that without a great deal of time spent teaching the bird to lure it is prolly gunna screw up somehow.
order dog stay
order dog alert intruders
the dog would bark or something if anyone enters the room
order dog scan alert intruders
now the dog barks if anyone new enters ajoining rooms.

order dog heel
order dog scan intruders wake Grxx

order dog wait Kamifcig
order dog lead Kamifcig Grxx
now the dog will wait till Kamifcig enters the room, maybe do something to get his attention, once Kamifcig follows the dog it will lead him to Grxx

also stray horses, they are nice to ride when you find them, but you should be able to lead them.
lead horse s, to get yourself and horse past small rooms.
lead horse enter ferry, to get horse onto ferry.
i think you should also be able to rent them, and maybe after you spend enough time with it it will begin to recognize you as its master, first maybe just by following more and more, to starting to take orders and eventually developing skills, now a stray horse that someone else spent alot of time with will take longer to accept new master than one who was purchased and left behind the same day.
there are alot of advantages to having pets with skills and loyalty, this draw backs would be the time involved in training, the exp yould have to split with pet if you were trying to level it. the chance that you will die because your pet screwed up and lured 3 mobs instead of one, or it ran into an agro mob while carrying something and looses it or dies. the liability of caring for it, feeding and water, not leaving it behind or letting it die. all the time spent training the animal, most of the training could not be done while in combat rather you would just have to repeatedly order dog e tag mob return
till the dog got it right
maybe no help files on how to train pets or what all they can do, let those who want such a pet figure it out.
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Postby Grxx » Sat Nov 17, 2001 11:44 am

this i think would realy add to the game, add to chars who rp especially, you would have to pick what is it you want as whut is it 2 or 3 pets max? so say now you want a horse and a bear, now you need to work with each and giving them exp, but in the end after alot of work you have kick ass pets, horses that learn roads traveled enough, bears that rescue and bash, birds that tag mobs(the fact that they fly and are small make them the least likely to become engaged in combat because they got hit befor they left room)
dogs that track, there could be alot of common skills shared by all pets and each also having a couple skills unique to it.
so while a horse could be loaded with a corpse and sent home with it, or loaded with a bag and sent back to give it to a waiting player, it might not make it. nor could it track a mob like say a dog, or bash a mob like say a bear, or lure like say a bird.
birds due to their size and wings would not need to eat or drink as much as a dog and would prolly never run out of moves, but it cannot be lead, it cant carry anything, while a bear would have mega hitpoints, it would be lowest on moves, you give up some obedience for the pet that can tank, track, carry loads, maybe even small characters could mount and ride. but it will not follow a list of directions and if it runs out of moves and you header with out it it will prolly not come after you like a dog would, prolly it would wander around heading in the general direction you went but not in any sort of hurry or straight line. horses would prolly simply graze maybe they would go back to the stable they were last rented at.
i wonder can you buy pet monkeys?
those would be cool to have some thief skills,
order monkey steal key guard

now if he gets caught the mob goes agro, if you in the same room guard comes for you, if you in other room and monkey gets away alive he will run to you, if mob tracks, it comes for you.

maybe because this is such a kick ass skill it would be the only one for monkeys, they flee everytime they get hit usually coming right straight to you. they do not stay, or obey most commands, you cannot call them and if you walk away from them they will hide making them very hard to find again,

you find a monkey perched in a tree branch hiding.
order monkey down
order monkey follow

maybe a small pet like monkeys could be carried. i see them as shoulder passengers.

A guard catches the monkey trying to steal his key.
A guard misses the monkey with his slash.
The monkey screams and runs up your body seeking protection on your shoulder.
A guard slashes you hard.
You block a guards attack.
You barely slash a guard.
Your bash sends a guard sprawling.
The monkey screams and flees the room.

ok so you kill guard, no key, monkey must have got it, he fled north, go north, search for monkey, find monkey, coax it down and get key.

oh the possibilities for pets!
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Postby Kallinar » Mon Dec 10, 2001 9:09 pm

Yay! Someone else that really really wants pets to be useful!

Kallinar (Still wanting innate tame ferret)
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Postby Grungar » Tue Dec 11, 2001 1:27 am

train monkey fling

A monkey is now learned in fling.

o monkey fling poo lord

A monkey flings a steaming pile of doo at Lord Piergieron with precise flinging that does deadly splattage!
A monkey flings a steaming pile of doo at Lord Piergieron with precise flinging that does deadly splattage!
Lord Piergieron appears to be blinded!

Lord Piergieron growls, 'Watch it bub, or I might have to teach you a lesson!'

Lord Piergieron smashes a monkey to death.
A monkey is dead! R.I.P.!
You receive your share of experience.

I like it!

- Grungar "train grungar fling; o grungar fling self" Forgefire

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