I don't see a lot of Illithids around

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I don\'t see a lot of Illithids around

Postby Skinker » Wed Sep 04, 2002 2:50 pm

I'm a born again newbie. Played during Toril days.

I decided to give a squid head a go because they are rather unique and different than what I was used to back in the day. Name is Susalixsomething.

Just hit level 15 thanks to two friendly Illithids I have met. They have helped me learn the ropes. Xiliasomething and Axxsinlalasomething are good people (err squidys)

But other than those two I rarely see another illithid on and I've been playing rather regularly.

What makes the them unattractive as a character choice? Is there something wrong with them? I'll keep playing regardless but I'm just curious what others thoughts are.
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Postby Rausrh » Wed Sep 04, 2002 3:54 pm

There is nothing wrong with them. They are quite powerful in dealing damage and very handy in traveling. You are hindered by the fact you need to keep a food supply with you, but it dosent seem too bad.

It is possible that the higher level squids are anon to prevent getting spammed for shifts. The mud population is lower than in the past, in part due to summer vacation I've heard.

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Postby Azenilsee » Wed Sep 04, 2002 4:19 pm

There's very few active high level squids in recent memory. There's Lazzraxxuum, Xserreelex, Mrizzalazzrazzi, Axxsinlazzam, Mezzelixxissiz and Icenacir.
I don't see many go past the shift level (maybe 1 or 2). There has been a couple of gripes regarding the class, I think Icenacir and Xserreelex has put up a lot of points in a number of threads on the BBS.

Personally, I would loveeee to see this class being played a lot more. Some zones can be quite dangerous without globe of darkness, and 2-3 illithids can do a lot of damage with ultrablast since they don't get feedback.

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Postby kiryan » Wed Sep 04, 2002 7:50 pm

ultrablast... at level 47... extremely rare quest... if you lose 47, you have to request... (we should change this btw)

but the worst part imo is the lag. your constantly lagged. your tells and gsays are late. you die whenever something unusual happens if the tank doesnt rescue quick.

its a good class especially with the help it was given 6 months ago, but it really lacks anything to get excited about. giving pforce back a lot of its bashing capability (like on giants) would restore a lot of the "fun" that is missing.

Also, I think dominate at 23 is very late. Give it to them much earlier so they can play around with it and their pet oriented skills like combatmind.

And lets look at the zone offerings again... globe of darkness, shift, ultrablast and rift. Really, you need ublast, globe, and shift in order to get a zone group. You not gonna get a zone invite at 30 cuz you have rift. not at 35 either cuz you got globe of darkness. You might get to zone after 41 cuz you have shift but more than likely zone groups just gonna beg shifts off you since your damage isn't so hot. Really you need ultrablast at 47 to zone because its when you really start contributing damage. and because you will lose ultrablast if you lose 47 (not that you would be lucky enough to complete ultrablast at 47 considering how rare it is), you really need to be 48 or 49. Thats a hell of a long way to go.

Make squids attractive for zoning at a lower level and I think you will see more play. Giving squid bash some of its oomph back would do wonders as would dropping the level on ultrablast or perhaps even shift. Oh and does the ublast quest rare really need to be quite so rare?

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Postby Daz » Wed Sep 04, 2002 8:48 pm

I was one of the squid testers back in the day . . . but things have changed mightily since then! I would love to play a squid, but doubt I have the patience needed. I am a warrior, through and through. Look me up anytime, I can take the time out to power level any of you squids, at least in to your mid twenties or higher.

Regarding quests . . . I can't help there, I played a conjy, which never had quest spells (or 9th circle ones, either!), so I am wholly unfamiliar with the process of questing for skills/spells - but kiryan does make a good point. Losing a skill of that calibur and exclusivity at such a high level would be catastrophic on my enthusiasm here. Maybe someone could suggest a workaround or alternative?

Or maybe the staff WANT the squids to be an exclusive class with few numbers? But aren't squids the druids of the evilrace? Arrrgghhh, too much info!

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Postby Axxsinlazzam » Wed Sep 04, 2002 11:34 pm

You dont lost the ublast skill if you lose 47 anymore.
Trust me on this.
I just finish up the quest with help from some GREAT people.
The last thing i was told was not to zone until i make 48.
Silly me goes on smoke and I hit ublast right as another mob comes in the room.
*BOOM* dead squid, level lost...
*Ress* gain level back i still have the skill but i have to reprac it
back up to a decent skill level.

There are more things that are wrong with Illithids than just pforce not bashing giants.
There are many threads that the few illithids i know of have posted about
the class/race shortcomings.
check them out by using the search command with the key word illithid.
Many of the higher level illihtids dont play the class anymore is because we're waiting on some changes to the class.
You will see me on cause i'm a squid thru and thru.

The Axx.
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Postby Rokub » Thu Sep 05, 2002 12:34 am

There aren't many squids around cause it is a freakin BORING class to play... Thaz one main reason why I stopped playing mine ho ho ho, and we needed a super ghealer, bow bow. And evils have less playerbase, but squids are needed in my opinion they do rock, but they are boring sorry to say.


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Postby Yasden » Thu Sep 05, 2002 12:55 am

Jeez, you guys forgot Ezzallixxell too Image.

And Xxasnerizz (Atokk's squid)

The biggest "problem" with squids is that they are a utility class, on par with druids. They have no critical use in a group, so most people don't play them. Simple as that. But...on the upside, every single high level zone in the game that is done with a squid in the group, the zone is generally much better. Battletrance, ultrablast, globe of darkness, etc...very very nice skills.

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Postby Frobakhal » Thu Sep 05, 2002 1:32 am

I've enjoyed playing a squid for the purpose of making leading zones easier, but then again a rogue is nice as well for this. There are some drawbacks to the class with some of the skills that need to be 'fixed' but other then that I find them useful with dealing area damage only in specific zones, otherwise I use my rogue for melee damage.

The reason I think there is a lack of squids is they are not easy to level up, pf isn't a very powerful skill in the sense to deliver damage and it's the only skill we have when raising up in levels that doesn't drain mana hardcore. Once you hit level 41 you become quite useful in groups, otherwise you are usually stuck with low hp gear unless you have an alt and have globe of darkness, otherwise not many people will group with you or ask you to group. Ultrablast is a great skill, however the lag is a problem but with power there has to be some means of a counterweight and I believe this is why the lag was done. With a good eye in zones and judgement you shouldn't die to often after using UB and not being able to flee after you just hit +++ mobs just after the tank died. *wince*

They are extremely hard to raise in levels, I'd have put put them in the necromancer category for this, some of their skills are unreliable like flesh armor which I still think the duration should be looked at, and since mindblank was put in, they should really fix tower of iron will to have a chance to affect the whole group as the helpfile has said for ages.

Anyhow most of this gripe is what turns off some players from playing a class that has only half of the playability, with the downgrades there was never any actual upgrades to the class, they were very powerful in the beginning like dominating caster mobs then using them to do damage or heal people, pf bashing dragons etc. It was also forgotten to add a specilization to the class as other mages received which makes some of their skills less potent compared to say Invoker damage. Most people see squids as a utility class more or less, and this is probably true, but for a quest such as Ultrablast being as difficult to do as it is, I think there should be some looking into it as the shrugging and magic resistance factor was put in. This is why you don't see many squids on. Image

But they are still fun to play, just doesn't quite have the umph as they use to.


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