Birth and Betrayal (Part 1 of ?)

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Birth and Betrayal (Part 1 of ?)

Postby mynazzaraxxsyn » Wed Sep 03, 2003 4:16 am

"Push!" exclaimed the the drow midwife, "its almost out." With a loud grunt and much effort the laboring mother forced the newborn from her womb. "A healthy male, you have twin sons."

"Another usless son! Give him here!" the exhausted mother gasped. The midwife did as she was asked and handed the son to its mother. She with drew a ceremonial dagger from under the pillow and cut the screaming infant open spilling its entrails and life's blood upon her. "Lloth I offer this child unto you, that you may grant me the strenght to bear you another daughter." The mother lowered her head as she said the prayer to her goddess. She released her grip on the child and let it's lifeless body drop to the floor, "Remove this mess from my sight before I have you flayed as well!"

The midwife motioned for her asistant to clean the mess. Just then the fatigued woman began to have labor contrations again, "What now? Not another one?!" she exclaimed.

"No," said the midwife, "tis just the after birth." As the midwife began to deliver the placenta she relized it wasn't just after birth, it was another son. This third child was much smaller than the rest. A runt, surely he would be killed as well.

Having finished cleaning up the dead child the midwife's assistant came to offer her assistance cleaning the new mess. As she aproched she too realized what was happening, the two women shot each other hurried glances. The assistant wrapped the child in a blanket and hurried it out with the trash, taking care that its mother did not see her carrying the child.

"You have done well m'lady let us get you back to your room that you might rest up." As the midwife began to help her to a push-chair the bloodied woman took the knife and slit the midwife's throat open then placed her living son in her lap and wheeled herself to her chambers to rest.


"Lavey! You'll never find me now!" cried Nilan as he ran through the secret passege of his family's manor. "You're too weak to keep up with me little brother" chided the minutes older drow.

"Nilan," gasped the identical but smaller and lighter boy "why must everything be a competion of physical exertion? Why can't we simply play a game of wits every now and again?"

"Boys, you must keep your voices down. We don't need your mother or sisters finding us down here now do we?" scolded the older woman. "Lavey you know your mother would have both our heads if she ever found out I took you from her at your birth."

"We're sorry, Mistress Nisaree," the two boys said in unison.

"Now go about your games and studies boys, but be quiet. Nilan you must be getting upstairs for supper soon and Lavey, we must continue our lessons."

The boys nodded to her and began to play quietly in the darkness of the long forgotten catacombs under the manor of House Al'Shadrazaar.

Nearly a century before Nisaree had stolen Lavey from his mother's birthing chamber and hidden him in these catacombs raising him as best she could, teaching him the ways of a cleric and teachings of Eilistraee. He was physically inferior to his living triplet brother, Nilan, but his mind was strong and sharp, if he had been a female he might have ended up being a high preistess. This was not Lavey's path though, Nisaree was teaching him to be kind and caring. Every day he showed less and less hate that plauged drow minds for a millenia. Some day he might be able to make a difference, but not if they were ever discovered. There had been some close calls, but the boys knew these tunnels so well that they could hide in them for months at a time and never be found. It was Lavey's curiousity that worried her, each day he asked her about Menzoberrranzan, the Underdark, and the Surface.


I should never have left the saftey of the tunnels just as Nisaree said so many times, Lavey thought to himself as he ran through the tunnels trying to shake his would-be captors. The night before he had ventured out into the streets of Menzoberrranzan not fully understanding how anyone could hate a member of their own race as the drow do their males. Now he was marked for death and his weak body was no match for these trained killers, he would have to outwit them. Lavey's mind thought of all his hiding places and secret stashes, but what could he use to help him now? Then he remembered the crumbling stairwell, he began making his way there making sure he left tracks for the assassins to find, but keeping out of their sight to plan his escape. As he reached the ancient stairway he slid down the sturdy banister and dropped from sight as he watched for his pursers; they were right behind him seven of them and each more deadly than the last. They turned the corner and began to decend the stairs, not three steps down and their weight began to collapse it. The lithe male in the lead had no chance to even let out a startled scream before he fell four floors to his death. The next two managed to cry out before they dropped from sight, the remaining four were able to keep their footing and backed off to the safety of the floor behind them. It was then that Lavey recalled his days he spent with Nilan hunting small mamals for food with his blow gun. He pulled the small reed tube from his cloak and fished a needle and poison from his side pouch, slowly he applied a generous portion of the ichor to two needles and inserted the first into the reed. Lavey took aim and hit his mark, square in the wind pipe. Before anyone could react, he loaded the weapon again and fired a second right into the next drow's eye. The two stricken drow began convulsing, Lavey could hear their muscles crushing their bones as their internal organs began to rupture. The remaining two sunk back into the shadows. Lavey did not know if they were giving up or finding another route to reach him. The smell of blood and bile filled his nostrils as he decended to the next level of the catacombs. Hmm, maybe I used just a little too much. I will have to be more conservative next time Lavey thought.

The hunted young drow slowly made his way out of the tunnels hoping maybe he could find refuge in one of the other drow settlements Nisaree spoke of. One that was less harsh and didn't blindly follow the twisted words of The Spider Queen. Possibly even with the duergar in Gloom Haven.


Lavey quietly exited the tunnel into a quiet alley way. He knew they'd find him sooner or later, he prayed to Eilistraee that it would be later. He made his way onto the street and made his way out of town. Luckily for him Eilistraee smiled upon him this eve as there was a festival to celebrate something the matrons said Lloth told them and there would not be many eyes looking to him as he made his escape.

Not long after he had left Menzoberrranzan another group of assassins tracked him down.

Lavey ran through the caverns of the Underdark hunted by Lloth's assassins. His weak legs could barely carry him while walking, much less running while being pursued. He shot a quick glance over his shoulder only to trip over a rock in his path. As he was falling a strong arm stopped him mid fall and helped him to his feet. It was his twin, he stood at the ready with daggers drawn.

Nilan threw the pair of daggers sinking them deep into the first attacker's chest. He reached into his bandoleer for another pair and made quick work of the next two. Lavey looked over at his brother and could see he had already poisned the blades. Nilan was prepared for a fight. Lavey's eyes blurred as tears welled up, never in all his years had he known such love and caring. Not even from the beautiful Nisaree. He would never forget the devotion that his twin offered him. On his life Lavey swore to himself that he would never let harm come to Nilan so long as he lived.

Nilan moved forward to engage the attackers and beckoned Lavey back. Nilan raised a dagger and threw it so fast it was a mere blur, striking its target with the blunt hilt and shattering the assassin's eyesocket. He dropped to the ground and began to writhe, Nilan lept forward and silently slit his throat. Staying crouched Nilan retrieved his weapons and rolled towards his next victim slashing the fifth assassin's calf open causing him to drop to his knee, Nilan raised his dagger and the assassin's own weight pulled the blade deep into his chest. Nilan cast the dead body aside and lept to his feet. The last assassin would not underestimate this nameless one. He approched the twins cautiously and finally made his move. As he did, Nilan jumped right over top of him and twisted mid-air. As he came down, he cast aside his dagger and drew a thin piece of wire wrapping it around his final victim's neck. The assassin dropped to his knees eyes bulging, face becomming discolored from lack of air. Lavey turned his head, he couldn't bear to watch. Nilan saw the displeasure on his brother's face and quickly finished the final antagonist off letting his blood seep into the cavern floor.

Nilan quickly gathered his weapons and replaced them into his bandoleer. He wiped the blood from his hands and face on one of the dead men's cloaks.

Nilan helped Lavey to his feet and spoke in a quiet voice, "Come brother, we must leave at once."

Lavey surveyed the carnage that his brother had inflicted, "How did you manage to find me and kill them all, Nilan?" Lavey asked.

"While you whisper prayers to your Eilistraee, I have been learning things of my own from the assassin guilds. Besides, there were only six of them. Now unless you wish to see more of them, I suggest we leave... and not just here, the Underdark is no longer safe for us. You will be a hunted man." Nilan began walking away and motioned for Lavey to follow. He turned again and tossed a cloak back to Lavey. Trying to keep up with his stronger brother Lavey unrolled the travelling cloak and slipped it over his head. This would be a most interesting journey, for neither of the young drow had ever ventured away from the saftey and darkness of the Underdark.


The brothers travelled for many days untill they reached Gloom Haven, Nilan said they should be able to find a duergar willing to guide them to the surface, for a price. The pair started in the markets of the duergar city and finally ended up in a tavern sitting across from a pale white duergar with black blotches about his skin. His head shaven bald with an ebon tattoo of a broken crossbow bolt on a shield. The duergar placed his splotchy grey hands on the table and grinned revealing a mouthful of teeth that had be ground to vicious points. "I be taken yas to th'surface, fer ach price."

Nilan pulled a small purse from beneath his cloak and slid it across the table. The duerguar opened the pouch and greedily looked upon the jewels inside. "That'll do mah laddies, Iah be meetin' yas at th'ferry when th'gates open." With that the duergar closed the pouch, drained his flagon and left the table leaving only his smell behind.

The brothers looked at eachother and went to the gates to wait for their guide.


As the gates to Gloom Haven opened the two adventurers set out for the Gloom River ferry. Their guide was already waiting for them at the docks. The trio travelled for many days untill they reached a high cylindrical chamber that the duergar said would lead them to the surface. Nilan began to climb the vertical shaft and then dropped a rope down to haul the smaller drow up with. Once they were both out of the shaft and the darkness of their homeland, they spent the day sleeping in the surface cave. The brothers slowly ventured out to the strange world that would find adversity and death for them at every turn.


"Here, this is the surface world" Nilan spoke in a hushed tone. "There are many here that would see us dead and our heads hung above their fire place mantle as a trophy. We must be careful in who we speak to, I have learned that the town of Bloodstone may be friendly, or at least not hostile to drow. You shall journey there to the east while I journey west, to Waterdeep."

"WATERDEEP!" Lavey shouted. "But surely you will be slain brother, how can you even think of walking into the home of the humans?"

Then Nilan kneeled and took out a small box from underneath the folds of his cloak and opened it. He slowly began applying creams and salves to his face and a powder to his hair, when he rose and face Lavey he hardly reconized him. "You... your flesh, you look like one of those ghastly wood elves brother!"

"Persicely" exclaimed the rogue. "I shall sneak into Waterdeep under the cover of night in the guise of a wood elf. I'll steal supplies for us and listen for information about somewhere we might live in peace away from the cruelty of Lloth and her matrons. We haven't many hours before day break, we must travel at night for during the day we will be as blind as cave fish."

Lavey took one last look at his brother fearing this may be the last time he ever set eyes on his twin and pulled him close in a tight embrace. Nilan pulled back in surprise, "Brother, your arms, you have strenght in them. Have your prayers to Eilistraee not fallen on deaf ears? Has she helped you strenghten your body?"

"A little," Lavey spoke. "I'm slowly getting stronger, I'll never be as strong or spry as you, Brother. But I have been granted more brains then you. So I think we are even!"

Nilan shot him a wicked grin that comforted Lavey that even though he didn't look like his brother any more, he was indeed his flesh and blood. The two turned and went their seperate ways, Lavey to seek out the city of Bloodstone and Nilan to find information in Waterdeep.


"It has been three years tomorrow since the day we left the Underdark and my brother left my side. The first time in our years that we ever were apart for more then a night. I fear I shall never see him again." Lavey spoke with hushed words in the dark woods outside of Bloodstone. The small fire burned casting eerie shadows about the area. The two listening to him made for an unlikely trio. A drow cleric, a mountain dwarf cleric and a human paladin. The three had become good friends, Lavey trusted them. They had overlooked the cruelty his race was normally attributed to and took him in as one of their own.

The dwarf looked up at him and said, "I'm sure you'll see your brother again, if he fights as well as you say he did he has nothing to fear from even the best assassin on the surface."

"But three years is a long time to be gone" interupted the paladin. "I don't wish to crush your spirits Lavey, but you must be realistic. He has either abandoned you or has fallen prey to a less understanding paladin's blade. If we had met under differnt circumstances you may have fallen to my blade." At these words Lavey lept to his feet, his body as strong as any normal drow's through his constant healing spells and prayers to Eilistraee.

"Is that a challenge?" Lavey rose his hands and began to weave a spell to blind his friend who spoke ill towards him. As Lavey began to chant his spell and the paladin drew his sword a rustle in the woods drew all their attentions away from combat. "What was that noise?" ask Lavey. His foot shot out to smother the fire and allow his eyes to see better in the darkness. He was able to make out a humanoid form leaning on a tree in the woods. The dwarf lit a small torch and passed it to the paladin. Slowly and stealthily Lavey moved towards the form with his mace at the ready. As he approched he could see that it was not only humanoid but quite elven.

Lavey could tell the elf was badly injured and saw a sticky trail of blood behind him. Lavey hurried his pace to offer aid to the wounded person. Before Lavey could reach him the figure drew back into the shadows and Lavey heard a dagger zing past his ear and strike a tree behind him. "Come no further or the next one won't miss," the stranger spoke in a weak voice full of pain.

I know that voice thought Lavey, it is my brother. "I mean you no harm, my twin" Lavey spoke in a quiet yet stern torn.

"Brother?" Nilan coughed and wheezed as he moved from behind the tree to look upon Lavey. "I'm sorry I was gone for so long, I wished to speak with you before..." Nilan sputtered blood and staggered forward into Lavey's outstreched arms. Lavey laid Nilan down on a cloak of soft leather and began to apply medicines to his grevious wounds. Lavey rose to his feet and started clerical incantaions to heal his brother's wounds. Slowly the wounds closed and the bleeding stopped. Lavey kneeled beside Nilan and put his head into his lap brushing his hair from his face.

"Tell me twin, who did this to you? Who caused you this pain?" questioned Lavey. "I will seek them out and make them pay for this! That I swear to you!" he exclaimed.

As Nilan began to speak Lavey's comrades came closer into his field of view. Nilan shot to his feet, dagger drawn. "Brother! It was you who betrayed me, these are the two that tried to kill me!" Nilan spat blood in his brother face and rushed into the woods. As Lavey began to chase after him a strong gloved hand rested itself on his shoulder, "Let him go Lavey, you are now free of your past. We are with you now and that will not change. That scamp was no good for you."

Lavey glared at his 'friend' with a seething hatred he hadn't felt since he left the Underdark. He could feel the weight of his brother's dagger in his hand, in a flash of a second Lavey had plunged the dagger into the human's throat all the way to the hilt. He then spun and grasped his mace striking it down on the dwarf's head before she could react her skull split open and her body fell to the ground. Lavey smiled inwardly and pulled the dagger free of the bloody mess that not seconds ago was a close and dearly loved friend. He took their coin purses and hid their magical items into his knapsack and whispered, "Eilistraee how could you have let such harm befall my brother at the hands of my friends." With this he dropped his holy symbol into the smoldering ashes and set off to find his brother.

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Postby Nilan » Wed Sep 03, 2003 4:37 am

Great Story Myn!!!!

Nice action. Brings back some memories to, my lil brother :)
Looking forward to hear what happens to my surface dwelling twin heheh

hugs bro,

Nice story

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Postby Ionari » Wed Sep 03, 2003 4:58 am

I am quite impressed, touched and also addicted now to this tale. *growl*

Please continue it as soon as possible!

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Postby mynazzaraxxsyn » Wed Sep 03, 2003 5:05 am

I'm hoping to have chapter two up this week end or early next week. I jsut started a new job (after being laid off for 3 weeks). This tale is spun of Nilan and I's adventures through out the life of Sojourn and Toril. All of the characters are based off a real friend in Sojourn and Lavey's actions towards them doesn't not show how he really feels/felt about them, merely a metaphore(sp).

Would be interesting to see if anyone (other then the select few I revealed the names to) can guess who the dwarf cleric and human paladin are. This is from sojourn2 i think was the name of the mud at that time.
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Postby Zathep Barra'Chath » Wed Sep 03, 2003 5:11 am

Nice story myn, very interested to see how it plays out and how you come in.

hugs bro
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Postby Deshana » Wed Sep 03, 2003 5:16 am

I'm very impressed, and eager to see what comes of this tale. This is easily some of the best writing i've seen on this ofrum, Nice job myn

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Postby thanuk » Wed Sep 03, 2003 7:04 am

mynazzaraxxsyn wrote:Would be interesting to see if anyone (other then the select few I revealed the names to) can guess who the dwarf cleric and human paladin are. This is from sojourn2 i think was the name of the mud at that time.

Oooooo i know who the paladin is:)
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Postby Kazaromoc » Wed Sep 03, 2003 9:00 pm

Paladin and cleric, but who is that rather handsome and fascinating guy who guided you to the surface?

Seriously though Myn, great story, looking forward to part 2!
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Postby Llaaldara » Fri Sep 05, 2003 2:18 am

Pardon me sir, but may I have some more? :D
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Re: Birth and Betrayal (Part 1 of ?)

Postby Pezuya » Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:39 am

I'm very impressed :)

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