Kesena -beginnings-

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Kesena -beginnings-

Postby vezasee » Sun Oct 05, 2003 2:15 pm

Kesena's beginnings were humble if bizarre. Lying in the crib her father, a lowly woodcutter had made, wrapped in the blanket her mother, a weaver had made, two shadowed figures hovered over her whispering in the darkness.
"She has potentail." whispered the first
"It is wasted here." spat the second
The infant whimpered the first figure placed a comforting hand on her head silencing her.
"It need not be," he whispered "we can see that potentail blossom."
The second figure snorted and turning his back on the infant left the hut. Th first cast one more glance at the sleeping girl and silently made his way out as well.

Other than the very occasional nocturnal visit, Kesena's childhood was much like any others, dismal and dark, and filled with unnamed screams in the night. Her mother despaired of kesena ever learning her trade as she could not keep the many threads on the loom straight. Her father despaired of her ever making a good match, for as she matured it became clear she would never be anything but plain. Her parents looked on with dismay as she stared out into the forest in the direction of Dobluth kyor. Other points of disappointment for her parents was her, perish the thought, sunny disposition, her endless curiousity which is more often punished than rewarded and the fact that they could not teach her fear.
It all came to a head one day when her father caught her approaching a hated human in the forest, he caught her before she reached the surfacer and dragged her home. When asked what she thought she was doing she said guilessly that she just wanted to ask it what it was. Her parents decided at that point that it would be best that thier daughter met an untimely end, being that their stupid child was totally unable to cope with the life she was born to. So the next day her father led her into the forest and left her there.
Kesena waited for her father to return, believing that he had just accidently misplaced her. She waited till the sun came up and in perfect trust she sat blind in the warm sun and waited some more. Finally she grew tired and slept. She slept deeply and without dreams and her shadowy visitors returned.
"It is time little one." the first spoke gently to her sleeping form.
"You still wnat to go through with this? " spat the second
" Even you can feel her potential, how can we ignore it?" said the first
"Easily," hissed the second " but the consequences on your head" with that said he turned away and stalked into the forest.
The first speaking again to the sleeping girl as he easily scooped her up
"It is time Kesena, time to live up to your potential." Calming the restless girl as he had when she was an infant, he too disappeared into the darkness.

Again kinda written on the fly, hope ya'all like it :) more to come soon but i'm tired now :)

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