Trouble Dealing with Trouble (Order of the Wyrm)

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Trouble Dealing with Trouble (Order of the Wyrm)

Postby Wulv » Mon Sep 20, 2004 6:33 pm

Trouble Dealing with Trouble (The Last Days of Jnar)

Jnar stopped briefly as he crested a hill north of Waterdeep. He looked back over his shoulder to the city and a weary sigh escaped his lips. The Time of Troubles was over, but so was the life Jnar had known for more years than he wished to remember. He turned back to the trail north and began his journey once again. A broken man, a mere whisper of the battle hardened barbarian he had been once.

A hour or so later, Jnar reached the old road crossing and turned west to follow the path. A path back home, no not home, home for Jnar did indeed lie west but that was not were he was going. Back to the north, past the dwarven halls, back to his people; he had heard that many tribes had banded together and formed a city named Griffon’s Nest. Jnar wished to see this place, then he would begin the final leg of his journey.

When Jnar snapped out of his reverie his heart sank, he had journied too far west and now stood before his true home. The great hall, the home of the Order of the Wyrm stood before him, a wracking sob shook Jnar’s mighty frame. The once mighty golems that had guarded the hall from intruders lay in fragments all around the entrance. Gone forever like so many things in Jnar’s life. Dead, like many of his dear friends, the Order of the Wyrm was no more. A tear rolled down his cheek as his mind drifted back to days gone by. Jnar’s willpower failed him and he fell to his knees sobbing, he almost envied them, those that had passed. Their pain was over, while he was forced to live on without them. Jnar pulled a small stone fragment from the pouch he wore around his neck, tears fell upon the fragment and the ground. Tears washed the dirt from all that remained of his once radiant badge. It had shattered when the magic of the hall had failed, the marking of the coming of the Time of Troubles. The months that followed were nothing short of nightmarish for Jnar. His magic failed him as it did everybody, but unlike most others when magic returned to the land it did not return to him. Jnar was a broken man, friends, no FAMILY were dead.

Burunga, founder of the Order, dead at the hands of a zealot from the new religion of Cyric, the Mad. Burunga, the man who had braved the outer planes, fought effreeti lords, the giants of Jotenheim, even faced Tiamat herself and survived. Killed by a mere boy with a rusty skinning knife. Jnar would have killed the little wretch himself, but Diac beat him to it. Diac, a horrific mask of anguish on his face as he stood watching Burunga cough up blood from the knife wound in his neck. Burunga might have been able to save himself except we were in an area of wild magic and his heal spell might have went wild and injured or killed us all. So he chose to accept death instead. Jnar could still see the blood pooling around Burunga, the blood dripping from Diac’s shaking fists, and the anguished cry of Taserea as she fought to break the grip Kobei had on her to keep her from trying to heal Burunga herself. Her graceful, beautiful face, a livid shrieking mask of ugly rage and sadness.

A sound brought Jnar back to the present, before the crumbling hall. Clutching his dagger, the only weapon he had, Jnar peered around. When the sound turned out to be a squirrel, Jnar was not relieved, more saddened it wasn’t something that wanted to kill him. Jnar would live on, he drew himself up and picked up his pack. The sooner he was away from these ruins the better, Jnar headed back east to the path north that he had missed before. Turning north Jnar again became lost in thought.

Jnar’s mind drifted back to when the magic returned to the land. His excitement soon turned to sadness when he realized that his magic had not returned. Across the realms his fellow barbarian conjurers realized the same thing. Many committed suicide over the realization of their magical impotence. Jnar felt the lose himself, the hallow, empty feeling and might have done something stupid if not for Taserea, Kobei, and others in Order of the Wyrm and Pride of the Sabertooth. He was alive among family and friends, life would continue.

A bitter, cold blast of air brought Jnar back again to the present. He was almost to the ferry, but it was late and he made camp for the night. As Jnar lay by his campfire in a restless sleep, he drifted back again to the time of Burunga’s death. Diac standing there with bloodied hands, the corpse of the young boy lay nearby, his face nothing but a red, oozing mass, his chest literally had a fist-sized hole in it. Lnarb and Rhoquinn trying to get Diac to respond after the incident, he just stood there looking at Burunga’s corpse, face and body locked into position. Jnar remembers help make a litter to carry Burunga’s body with Kobei. The ever, happy bard was uncharacteristically quiet and somber, sadness and weariness etching his half-elven face. When Jnar and Kobei returned to the group, Diac was kneeling by Burunga’s body holding Taserea’s hand. When he stood, the trace of a single tear could be seen on his face which was now the stoney mask of control that Diac wore so often, but his eyes were different, the fire was gone out of them. When Burunga’s body was loaded, the broken, sad, tired group made their way towards Waterdeep, their only home now that the hall was in ruins.

When Jnar awoke in the morning, he could barely keep down the jerky he ate for breakfast. As Jnar approached the southern dock of the ferry he heard a beautiful song that drove a stake into Jnar’s already heavy heart. A bard waited at the docks and looked to Jnar he would share his ride with the bard. The ferry made ready to depart as Jnar stepped onto it. He took a seat opposite the bard and closed his eyes, tight, willing himself not to remember the incident, but when the bard started playing his lyre, Jnar was taken back to his past once more.

Several weeks had passed since Burunga’s death, Diac had wandered out to go for a walk and that was almost a week ago. We knew he wasn’t coming back; Lnarb had withdrawn to his room, refusing to come out or let anybody in. Kobei, Taserea, and Jnar decieded to go visit the old hall and make a stop at Burunga’s grave which was right outside of the ruins. Their journey was a quiet one, nobody smiled or talked much anymore. At Burunga’s grave Kobei noticed a fist shaped impression in the headstone. We all knew who made that mark, Diac, and something told all three of them they would never see him again. Taserea cried softly as she ran her fingers over the impression. Kobei heard something and entered the ruins of the hall to investigate. Jnar didn’t know that watching Kobei enter the ruined hall would be the last time he saw his dear friend alive. After Taserea composed herself once more she and Jnar made their way into the ruins themselves. Jnar slipped on a piece of rubble and fell striking his head on another piece rendering him unconscious. Taserea gasped and knelt down to check Jnar when something/someone struck her from behind, knocking her unconscious. When Jnar came to he had a very bad headache, he was about to call out to Kobei or Taserea when his heart stopped for a second. Before him in the light of a moonbeam peeking in through a hole in the ceiling was Taserea holding Kobei’s limp body to her chest. The mere glimpse of Taserea’s face was enough to send Jnar into wrenching sobs of anguish.

After Jnar regained some composure he noticed other bodies nearby, still warm bodies. Three bodies lay strewn about the room, all of them drow, the drow had become more bold in their surface raids following the Time of Troubles. As Jnar approached Taserea he could hear her muttering and noticed she was staring ahead at nothing; her mind was broke, too much grief to bear. Jnar himself felt on the edge of slipping away into oblivion. But he held his sanity, for now, when he placed his hand on Taserea’s shoulder she didn’t even notice. Jnar drew her up and she stood with no resistance, her arms were limp and Kobei’s corpse slid off her lap onto the floor as she stood. Jnar then reached down and gathered up his dear friends body, barely registering the mini-crossbow bolt sticking out of his back as well as the long adamantium knife sticking out of Kobei’s back. Jnar carried Kobei’s body over his shoulder and led Taserea out of the ruins as the first rays of morning sunlight broke the horizon. Jnar led Taserea to a stone by the path and then began to dig a grave next to Burunga’s with his bare hands. Several hours later Jnar placed the final stone marking Kobei’s grave.

Jnar made his way to where Taserea sat, she had stopped muttering but when he looked into her eyes he could see that her spirit was gone. He took her hand and drew her up, tears streaming down his cheeks. A piece of parchment fell from Taserea’s lap as she stood. On it was three words, the ink still damp, it read “Thank You Jnar”

A wail erupted from Jnar, an agonized wail of a wounded creature not a man. Jnar fell to his knees and beat his already bloody hands on the ground and cried till the sun was well past it’s mid-mark in the sky. Through eyes blurry and raw from tears, Jnar thought he saw Kobei standing next to Taserea and they both smiled at him. But when he looked again he saw only Taserea standing there, or the empty shell that was Taserea. Jnar climbed to his feet waiting, longing for his heart to give out. But it didn’t, so Jnar took Taserea by the hand and began the journey back to Waterdeep. Jnar took Taserea to his room at the inn and then went and sold everything he had save a traveling pack and supplies. He then emptied out his bank account, right down to the last copper. Jnar returned to the inn and collected Taserea, then they went to the local mission and asked that they take care of Taserea while he was away. He then gave the woman all the money he had to pay for taking care of Taserea. The woman who ran the mission knew that Jnar would never return, to her Jnar’s eyes looked almost as empty as those of Taserea.

Jnar returned to the present with the ferry captain telling him he had to get off, they had arrived at the northern docks. Jnar staggered to his feet and disembarked the ferry. Something to the left caught Jnar’s eye. He staggered over to the campfire and sat down. A feeling of warmth washed over him but it was not the heat from the fire. Jnar’s vision began to clear and he noticed that there were a lot more people around the fire than he first thought, but it didn’t seem crowded at all. Somebody passed a flagon to Jnar and when he turned to thank the person he found himself staring into the face of Burunga. As Jnar looked around the fire he saw all his friends and family who had passed on before him. Diac was there, Rhoquinn, Hordarr, all his fallen friends stood around cheery and happy. A light touch on his shoulder made him turn and look up, Taserea and Kobei stood there together, smiling. Kobei reached down and handed Jnar something, when Jnar looked at his hand he saw that is was his guild badge, intact. Jnar then heard Kobei say to him, “You are home my friend, you are home”.

The young bard who had ridden the ferry with Jnar saw him stumble off the dock and collapse into a nearby snow drift. He rushed over to him and saw Jnar smile and say “I’m home now” before his eyes rolled up into his head. The bard knew the old barbarian was dead, and smiled because he could feel the happiness radiating from Jnar as he passed on.

Thus ends the saga of
Jnar, barbarian conjurer of Order of the Wyrm
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Postby Nilan » Tue Sep 21, 2004 12:45 am

Very Very enjoyable story to read !!!

Nice, write more.

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Postby Duna » Tue Sep 21, 2004 2:47 am

Great story..
So many familiar names ;)
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Postby Teej » Tue Sep 21, 2004 5:05 am

A guild is so much more than just a group...

I've lost so many families, so many soulbrothers, I can't face that road again.

Gone - but never forgotten. No matter what comes, they breathed life, and that life has changed us forever. Their echoes live in us, and touch all those who come into our circle, carrying away with them a portion of the existence that was our online family.

I didn't know you, but I know this song too well. May it have a happy ending.
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Postby Wulv » Tue Sep 21, 2004 8:56 am

Thank you!

Feedback Good and Bad (seriously) only makes me want to write more.

This was a somewhat emotional story for me to write. But I'm VERY glad you all enjoyed it.

There will be more, I promise.
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Postby Rho » Thu Sep 23, 2004 11:59 pm

I loved it. Thanks for the trip back . . .

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In its strength, we find victory,
In its Pride, we return,

It's good to see you back Jnar:)

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Postby Taserea » Thu Oct 28, 2004 2:28 am

You did a great job hon!

Love ya,

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One Year Ago Bump

Postby Wulv » Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:28 pm

Bump...just bumping this for all my old friends who might not have seen it or just want to remember some old friends.
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Postby Shar » Thu Sep 22, 2005 9:07 pm

Thank you, Wulv :)

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Postby Dalar » Thu Sep 22, 2005 9:14 pm

Burunga went out dying to a little kid? Sweet.
It will be fixed in Toril 2.0.
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Postby Lilira » Thu Sep 22, 2005 11:12 pm

Thanks, for the bump, I missed reading it the first time.

*wipes her face*

So many names...


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Postby Nokar » Mon Sep 26, 2005 4:23 am

HERE HERE!! A toast to all those who have passed before us, to all those we know now, and to all those who we have not yet met but will befriend!


damn Wulv.. had to clear my eyes after that one!

good so see so many names..

Too the good ol' days!
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Re: Trouble Dealing with Trouble (Order of the Wyrm)

Postby Wulv » Mon Nov 30, 2009 1:43 am

Bumping as a way to say "Hey Ya'll"

Ghost of Jnar - Order of the Wyrm
Been over 15 years (close to 20 YIKES) since this Adventure began for me. Done a WHOLE LOT OF SHIT...but honest and truely I have never had met a group of people who were true Brothers and Sisters to me as the Order was.

I wish I could do more in game or even stay up to date on this board but RL is so time consuming for me. I REALLY do miss ya'll....I PROMISE to take some time in the near future to write some more stories about the Order and if I can work it in even the Pride of the Sabertooth (the guild who took me in after I was forced out of the Order of the Wyrm by the Gods above because I was a "GASP" Barbarian) Don't remember the exact reason I had to leave the Order but the Sabertooth was there for me.

Anyways I will try to be more around here but I can't promise anything. Just miss you all.

Cheers and Tears... Jnar / Wulv / Charles
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Re: Trouble Dealing with Trouble (Order of the Wyrm)

Postby Zannie » Sat May 08, 2010 6:56 am

Hi all, this is Zanalista,
I just wanted to thank you for writing that, I am recently returned and it was first of all an amazing and well written story, the names brought me back and seeing friends names when I know they have passed brought tears to my eyes, I was with Taserea at Kobei's funeral, I miss them both so much, I'd like to find her just to say hi but I am not sure if she still haunts the realms or not. I have an old number I'll have to try, we are not in the Florida area anymore. I came in because the board crashed and found a treasure.
Thankyou for writing it, I know it is old, but if you write anything in the future please pass it on
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Re: Trouble Dealing with Trouble (Order of the Wyrm)

Postby Rockalbert » Thu Dec 28, 2017 5:15 pm

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