A new day

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A new day

Postby vezasee » Sat Dec 25, 2004 11:43 am

ooc: forgiveness in advance plz, written on the fly and sleep deprived, errors will be numerous. Editing will be minimal *grin*

Kesena sat very still in the relative comfort of the tent, so still and quiet that she was usually not noticed by the other visitors to this place, never remarked upon at least. A painful bitter smirk creased her face. A face that usually was home to an expression of such serenity that it was truly shocking to those that had just met her.
"Always alone, but never lonely" she mutters softly, "always alone, but never lonely...til now"
The soft noise of her own voice seems to startle her, "has it been so long then, since I've spoken?" she thinks to herself. She stifles a groan as she tries to stretch, cramped muscles complaining. Then with startling quickness she takes to her feet and pushes her way out of the tent.

She cannot supress the wince at the sudden shock of pain, but after a brief moment she turns her face to the sky and smiles, eyes tightly shut.
" It has been to long, where have you gone 'chev? Why have you left me?" she shakes her head at that thought, a frown playing about her lips. shoulders that were about to slump in dejection are abrubtly straightened in pride. "I waited 'chev, as I promised I would, you would be the last to blame me for living again. There are things going on, I cannot sit idly by anymore. It has been far far to long I have been silent." She turns and fumbles briefly with the tent flap, finally finding the opening she is looking for, she hesitates for just one moment, looking back up to the sky she whispers " I love you" a soft smile touches her lips as she prays her words reach him wherever he may be.

A while later, after she has collected her things and taken a long last look, to collect any stray memories, she sets a wicked grin on her face. with a word and a gesture she conjures a portal.
" It's time to go home and face the music, ready or not, here I come"
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Postby Nilan » Sat Dec 25, 2004 8:19 pm

Very Nice Kesena :)


hope to see you.
very soon


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