A short story about me going missing

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A short story about me going missing

Postby Karae » Fri Feb 04, 2005 4:46 am

Karae kneeled down and prayed to Torm, as he felt himself torn threw space and time and landing himself back on Faerun, more importantly back on familiar ground. He began his slow prayer.

“Torm, why did you take me away when my comrades needed me the most? Time was drawing near for the battle with the evil one, they needed support, and they needed a leader.”

“The finished without you my vigilant knight. What you did, was as equally important. I took you from your home, and from those you where about to lead in battle, to fight the evil one on another plain, he was not just n Faerun, but on many different plains of existence, in many different forms, some of the other gods, chose champions to combat him. I choose you. Your ability to lead troops, to rally men, to give them a purpose is unrivaled, of any of the champions chosen by any of the gods.”

Karae shifted his weight on his knees, and listened to the rest of what Torm had to say.
“You lead countless armies to victory; this was all to prepare you for the coming battle. It draws near, nearer than you think soon things will change, you will be there, ready now.”

Bright lights flashed as Karae saw visions run threw his head. Faerun, and perhaps other plains of existence would need his help. And he would be there. As the visions faded, he stood up and started walking, walking till the end of Faerun.
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Postby Hsoj » Fri Aug 19, 2005 5:03 pm

The plain of grass is on the prime plane

just an fyi

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