The Healing Hand, Rejected

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The Healing Hand, Rejected

Postby Lahgen » Tue Sep 13, 2005 6:27 pm

Azelrus made her way up to the upper level of the Inn, to make her way to her room. As she walked, she passed by an ajar door, and heard the pained groaning of a man inside. Slipping into the room, she saw the sorry state the man was in. His upper body was stripped bare of clothes, and his torso and arms were covered in fresh, bloody wounds. The black haired youth looked at her.

"Oh, hello there...maybe later I can sing for you, but I'm resting for now." Azelrus nodded. "I only came in because I thought you were in trouble..." He struggled slightly to look towards her. "Ah...thought you had wanted personal musical performance from the great Lahgen." he chuckled sardonically. Azelrus raised an eyebrow. Where had she heard the name before? "Here, let me heal you..."

She raised her hands and began to pray to Tymora. In an instant, her concentration was distracted when Lahgen grabbed her wrists and looked up at her fiercly. "No! I would not disgrace the Maiden of Pain by freeing myself of these scars...hell, I have the ability to heal too, you know." Azelrus startled, a little surprised at the outburst. Lahgen released her, and relaxed in pain upon his bed. "I'm...I'm sorry." Azelrus replied. She looked at him with pity.

Lahgen turned his head to look up at her. "But if you wish to be of help to me, you could stay with me." Azelrus peered at him. "Well..." "Your voice is lovely, priestess. You could have been a great singer yourself." he managed a strained smile. Azelrus nodded and grabbed a nearby chair, and sat down next to the bed.
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