The Story of the Nightingale

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The Story of the Nightingale

Postby Lohrandelarien » Wed Jan 18, 2006 12:19 am


There I was again, with my filthy fingers down in a rich bastards backpack.
Taking his gems and gold, trying to finance last weeks inventories from
Zhentil Keep. I had just begun to wrap up the backpack again and leave
without a notice as usual, when I suddenly felt a hand around my neck.
The man, also known as the rich bastard walked away from me without
ever noticing my dirty little fingers being allover his belongings, so one problem
off my shoulders, but still one problem around my neck.
After some seconds tryin to figure out what to do, the grip suddenly
loosened up and I looked back over my shoulder.

There he stood, gleaming in his grease and dirt like a prince of the Waterdeep
Dump - grinning with his more or less toothless grin. With a relief I flashed a
grin back and waited for some kind of words to come upon me.
"I see your dirty fingers still brings you food on the table Elusia!"
"They sure do.."

Blarn that bastard, the one who set me up a couple of months ago with a
merchant from Calimport that was said to have a fortune worth in rare books
and scrolls. Which turned out to be his brother working for the Zhentarim swines
looking for a black sheep to put their blame on after tricking the Vizier of Calimport
on some of his belongings. If it wasnt for Blarn, Id still be one eye richer since the
Vizier wanted the dept paid in blood. Blarn shoulda been one hundred stabs bleeding
on the floor if it wasnt for one particular reason. I still needed him alive.
"Sooo, I see that the Vizier made you ever prettier than you was before! Haha, what
a shame I couldn't watch the ceremony! Heard you screamed like a pig all the way
out to the Bazaar! Hahaha."

Very funny Blarn, very funny. In time you will learn how to speak to ladies and how
to beg for forgiveness. But not now, not here. I'll save that pleasure until you served
your purpose, I thought to myself.
"Right. So what do you want Blarn?"

"Well lets talk somewhere...more quiet, I got a room back up at the Dead Orc, theres
something that might be of your intrest, and this time...I got no bag full of tricks."



Dead Orc Inn, Noon.

Leaning against the wall, Blarn stood quietly, looking at me trying to catch my reaction
to his purposal. And it was some purposal indeed, im not sure if it was going to be worth
the revenge at the end, including bags of Blarn and bags of platinum. Anyway, Blarn
had shown me this letter, stamped "The Serpent Sigil", a shady organisation and
religious cult working as assassins allover faerun.
Mr Blarn,

It's come to our knowledge that you are brother to Kahru, the former agent of the Zhentarims.
We would like to inform you that your flesh and blood is dying upon the cross, and will
probably last a week more. Read this carefully, this is the one and only letter you will
recieve. One week from now, you will join your brother in his death upon the altar of the
Serpentine Sigil. Unless... you might be able to 'remember' where you lost our - thing.
I'll see you at the Standing Stone outside Myth Drannor by midnight.

Pleasant Wishes, The Watcher

Basicly, he wanted me to go to the Standing Stone an hour before his meeting, hide and
await "The Watcher" to arrive. Only to babysit him, more or less as he passed over whatever
information they wanted out of him. In return he will give me the maps and information over
the Waterdeep City Bank.


The rain was pouring down, cats and dogs, heaven and hell, whatever you like. And I was
soaked as I sat silently in the crown of a large oak, waiting for Blarn and The Watcher to
arrive to the stone. It didnt take more than a good half an hour before I see Blarn sneaking
around the stone, whispering my name "Pssst" "Elusia!" "Elusia!". Goddamn fool, I couldnt
risk to be seen so I sat quietly waiting.

Suddenly a figure cloaked in black sneaks up from the bushes on the other side of the road,
walking slowly towards the stone where Blarn stood nervously. I quicly move down from the
tree and start sneaking towards the couple, on the opposite side of the road. Carefully
watching everything that would reveal my stealthing with a sound.

"Do you got.. do you got the thing?"
"The idol?" Blarn quickly replies.
"Yess the idol, Im glad your memory returned."
"I got it right..."

"HERE!" Blarn quickly twist his dagger right in the chest of the Serpentine Watcher!
Reaching for his chest, the Watcher falls down.. silent, bleeding like a river. Insanely
Blarn cackles with horrible excitement. Next thing, two of Blarns hitmen crawl up from
around the bushes, laughing and screaming, jumping around the dying man. Idiots.

As I reveal myself and start walking towards Blarn, I wield my daggers under my mantle
ready for whatever tricks he's trying to pull on me.

"Hey, what was that all about? You want me to come watch your back while you make
your deals, thus you got two of your boys hiding in the bushes?"
"Uhh yeah, that's right hun!" Blarn cackles on.
"What about your brother?"
"So, what about him? I couldn't care less."
"Obviously not, well my parts done here, provide me the maps and information."

I arrived back to Waterdeep later that night, the streets where almost empty except this
black cat that kept following me down Delzaren Road towards the Market Square. I left
my horse down at the stable and went up to Blarns room at the Dead Orc, picked his door
and planted the maps and information on top of the dresser. I got myself a room at the
inn and got me a good nights sleep...

Early in the morning I hear the sounds of what should be, Waterdeep Militia banging the
door to Blarn's room. And I couldn't be more right, the door is knocked in and Blarns
arrested in his sleep for planning the hit on the Waterdeep City Bank, which I set him up
with before I went to bed. While the arguin continues on, I open my window and climbs
quickly outside on the fasade, peeking inside Blarns window where three big boneheads of
the Militia beats him up real good, searching out the maps ontop of the dresser - while the
poor bastard tryin to explain himself with every excuse known to mankind. The Militia leaves
with their criminal, I recover and leave with the idol of the Serpentine Sigil.


Some weeks later, down in Baldur's Gate I run across Illariya my good friend in crime. She
tells rumours of The Serpent Sigil, rewarding ten thousand platinum to the one who can retrieve
the head of Blarn Myrramon. Now tell me, how you assassinate and retrieve the head of a
man jailed and guarded by a shit load of the Waterdeep Militia?

Well I had to get arrested, for something just about enough to get me into the jail halls. So,
I made sure to get myself taken while stealing from a noble right outside the Jailhouse, the
bastard calls for the guards and my wish came true. Stripped of weapons and almost buck
naked im thrown into one of the cells and await the night patrol.

Around midnight I make my escape, removes my hairpin or lockpick if you like to call it that
and I pick the cell with skillful ease. Hiding in the corridors I await the patrol to pass me so
I can sneak towards the storing chambers where they confiscated my lethal weapons and
equippment. Easily I manage to pick even this lock and succesfully get my gadgets back.

My adrenaline kicks in as I sneak upon the cell where Blarn is kept. I'm cold, can't think of
anything else than revenge. Ten thousand platinums wont give me and eye back, that I know,
but it will atleast give me back the honor stolen in Calimport about a year ago, and that...
is priceless.

I manage to break into the stinkin cell where Blarn has been sleeping, pissin and shitting for the
last couple of months, awaiting his execution. Im going to free him, i'm going to let his
soul rot in hell, where we probably meet again, but hey.. thats another story.

I wake the sleeping bastard with a slap in his face.

"Uhh! Whos there?!"

Before hes able to say another word I make sure to bind his mouth real real good. Then I look
him into the eyes, staring him down - to the depths of that rotten creature. Eyes wide open I can
read the fear, the thoughts - running through his mind, trying to escape the in time and space
until I finally begins my final lesson, a lesson of unhumanly suffering.


After askin around for awhile I finally found the connection I needed to get in touch with The
Serpent Sigil. This guy, Mhordren - arranged a meeting with one of the higher ranks in the
Sigil, where we could trade goods. According to Mhordren I was going to meet this guy at the
Way Inn just south of Waterdeep. I must have been waiting for an hour or two until this
ordinary looking guy walk into the Inn, scanning the room. I walk up to him and nod, trying
to give him a sign. We walk out and strolls towards the forestline where I left the half-rotting

"The.. head?"
"Yes, its in this bag, and it ain't pretty I tell you."
"You didn't find any... stone toy on him did you?"
"Certainly not, but I got this..."

As I show him the Idol he quickly rips it out of my hands, staring at me for a long time before
he utters, "Follow Me... Elusia"

That's how I joined the dark forces of The Serpent Sigil and came to be known as the Sightless Eye.

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