The Joyful Lament of Camimmae Blackwillow

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The Joyful Lament of Camimmae Blackwillow

Postby Lahgen » Thu Feb 09, 2006 2:02 pm

Awoken, a sad autumn morning
Siren's euphony in my head
Waking mind, abuzz with chaos
Her grasp within me now clear

A dream like none other
She came in unto me
Wordless she told me secrets
Her whole revealed, bloody beauty

Eveningsun was her hair
This uncourted maiden
Elf by half, lover to be
Robbed of Hanali's caress

In the inn of my slumber
Untold moons gone by
These walls weep her blood
Offered to the dead murder god

Her life denied long past
She takes mine now as hers
Joy unbidden in my being
She enters my heart

As I lay in this state
Plain it is made to me
Our love, Our torment, Our self
Our hearts are now one
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