Azelrus Returns

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Azelrus Returns

Postby Lahgen » Tue Feb 14, 2006 1:32 am

It was the dead of the night in Waterdeep, a quiet darkness, the twilight sky bereft of moonlight. Drunks, unaware, oblivious to all but their chosen spirits, relaxed or hunched near the bar. Those with more sense knew that it was time to retire, departed to entertain their nocturnal visions, awaiting dawns arrival.

A woman, dressed in sturdy but fine silks, armor and adventuring clothes, entered unnoticed. She headed straight to the stairway leading up to the rooms of the inn. The receptionist, recognizing the young priestess, greeted her warmly.

" have returned from Arabel?" The red headed cleric nodded affirmatively. "Does Lahgen still stay here?" The receptionist frowned slightly. "Indeed...however he does not seem to be well tonight..." she looked down, her brow furrowed with deep concern. Azelrus raised an eyebrow. "Then, I would surely be the best to see to him." She bypassed the receptionist, and made her way to the bard's room.

Upon opening, a sudden feeling of shock and revulsion filled her, upon seeing him. Lahgen sat upon the bed, shirtless, his chest and limbs scarred deeply. His head was shaved completely bare. He seemed to seethe in the shadows. She had seen him do this before. He was in great pain. Lahgen looked up at her. Azelrus was frightened upon seeing the expression on his face...a mixture of pain, joy, and sinister menace.

Ignoring the constant advice of her ranger friend Lorsalian, she immediately prayed for the gift of seeing evil for what it was. Granted the power, Azelrus opened her eyes, she breathed her deepest sigh of relief. Her worst fear had not been realized. Lahgen failed to radiate the aura of malevolence she had seen in so many other villains. The bard made no reaction to her obvious attempt to discern his nature.

Azelrus went to him, and sat in front of him on the bed. "Are you okay, Lahgen?" She stroked his scarred cheek, looking deeply into his eyes for the truth. As Lahgen uncrossed his arms and reached out to her, she looked down at his chest, and gasped at the sight: a barbed scourge of nine tails had been cut into his chest. Newly dried blood encrusted it, as it had been recently inflicted.

Lahgen smiled at her. "I am Hers completely now, dear priestess..." Azelrus widened her eyes in surprise. " You are not malevolent...I see it with my own eyes, you are the same as when I left..." The bard grinned. "Ah, Azelrus...those who seek true justice, such as myself, can also find a place in Her heart...gods such as Ilmater may deny it, but there exist people who deserve nothing less than the cruel agonies that only the servants of my Lady can inflict..." his eyes turned cold, a steel gaze of determination.

Azelrus frowned, deeply confused. She could see that he was completely serious, beyond the threshold of return. Nonetheless, he had somehow managed to keep from destroying what good remained in him, despite the influence of his goddess. But she had always been taught that Loviatar was a villanious goddess, wholly committed to suffering for its own sake.

She kissed his cheek, and stood up. "I am so sorry Lahgen...I must be alone tonight. This is all too much for me to understand right now.." Lahgen looked up and nodded to her. "Yes, of course. Sleep well, dearest Azelrus." he smiled. The priestess looked at him. "I will speak with Adriorn tommorow...." Lahgen understood, and nodded. "Thank you...that damned halfbreed is insufferable. Oh...and be sure to welcome our new..friend, the gnome Minofagal. He is odd, of course, but he seems reliable."
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