The Story of Lahgen, part 1

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The Story of Lahgen, part 1

Postby Lahgen » Sat Feb 18, 2006 5:36 am

"Vonara, what is going on?" a man exclaimed at the robed woman across the room from him. Vonara turned towards him, removing her hood. The man gasped in recognition at the sight of a laughing crowned skull in a black hexagon upon her forehead. "Vonara..." he pleaded.

The woman regarded him with warmth, replying coldly, "I am His entirely now, beloved. What are you doing home so early, Jublel? Why are you denying me a clean break?" Jublel frowned, on the verge of tears. "You would abandon your husband, the man who saved your life? The man who loves you more than he loves himself?" He started towards her and met her gaze directly. "You would even abandon your helpless little son?" He looked at the toddler sitting on their cabinet.

Vonara frowned. "This is not easy for me, beloved." She went to the toddler, and kissed him on the head. "It is most difficult of all for me to abandon our son." She glanced at Jublel from the corner of her eye. "But he is provided most powerful magics has reinforced his body. Lahgen will be strong and handsome when he grows up." Jublel placed his head in his hands and began to sob.

The necromancer walked over to him, frowned, and placed her hand around his wrist. Fell words came effortlessly from her lips, and was soon rewarded with a scream of agony from the sobbing man. The toddler cried out at the noise. The man fell to his knees, grabbing his wounded, weakened arm. "As you can see have no hope of standing against me. Follow me and you shall die. My love for you is eternal, but so is our departure. We shall never meet again, in this life or the next..." She released him, grabbed her travelling bag, and walked out.

The toddler Lahgen looked out, and then at his father...
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