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Born in Ghore the Troll called Gruy was considered a runt by all those in his clan.  At a very early age Gruy was usually the target of ridicule and torment by his fellow clansmen.  Eventually at the hands of his clansmen Gury was tricked in to following a raiding party headed for Waterdeep which ended abruptly when Gruy reached the meeting point.

Once there Gruy was ambushed by a tribe of lizardmen and viciously attacked.  Gruy was then left for dead and still to young for his ability to self heal to help him survive was fading fast.  Bleeding from several deep wounds covering his torso Gruy knew this was his end.  But as he lie there and as things started to fade to black Gruy, with a last glance before losing his conciousness, gazed upon her.

Gruy mumbled these words "Dems is Angel Gruy hear story bout from shaman." She smiled and then Gruy was out.

Gruy awakened to the sound of bells.  In haste to get to his feet the pain quickly reminded Gruy of what had taken place.  Gruy slowly sat up in what he now noticed was a very comfortable bed.  Gruy wondered how he had gotten where he is now wherever that may be.  As the pain began to overtake him he lied back down in the bed to get some more muchly needed rest.

When next Gruy awoke he noticed a presence in his room now.  His vision still blurred so he could not make the person out.  Gruy asked "Who dere? Who dems wit Gruy?" 

With a very soft and soothing voice the figure said "There’s no need to worry now, Troll.".  Upon saying
that a soft blue glow began emitting from the person and as the glow moved from the person it found itself wrapping around Gruy in a warm embrace.  Gruy grew drowsy from whatever was done to him and laid back down, soon falling asleep.

Upon awaking this third time Gruy felt himself feeling much better and his vision no longer blured and there was no pain.  He quickly jumped from the bed and headed for the door he easily noticed in the room. Gruy opened the door and quickly made his way through this outside this small home.  Once getting outside Gruy was stopped in his tracks as he looks around at his surrounding.  Gruy noticed he was engulfed in beautiful foliage.

Gruy had now forgotten his desire for escape and could focus on nothing more that the sheer beauty of the forest now surrounding him.  A woman approached him, an elf he noticed, and asked "Are you feeling better?".

Gruy looked up at her and responded "What is dis place?". 

Smiling she replied "A forest, not far from your home, those near here call it Trollbark." 

Gruy then frowed as he said "Gruy have no home. Gruy is just runt.". 

She looked at Gruy noticing the sadness in his eyes and replied "Come now, it can’t be that bad. Perhaps you would like to make this your home?"

Gruy let a big smile slip past his sadness as he said "Really? Dis place others like Gruy?". 

She chuckled slightly then saying "There are others like you here as well." 

Gruy has a smile upon his face unlike any before as he hastily said "Jus like me? Gruy like dat.  Gruy make dis place home dens!" 

She smiled before saying "Gruy? Is that your name then?". 

Gruy looked at her cautiously and said "Dis my names dems call me Gruy." He then asked "What dem
calls you?" 

She looked at him and said "I am Osheara."

After speaking for several hours Osheara said to Gruy "I should be leaving soon. It’s almost sunset.". 

Gruy looking puzzled replied "Why dems leave wit da sun?" 

Osheara said with to Gruy with a chuckle "I am not supposed to be here. They don’t like my sort around these parts really."

Gruy suddenly with an angry look in his eyes said "Where dems dat no like O..Osh..eara?  Gruy smash

She will a small smile replied "It’s your own people, Gruy."

Gruy then shook his head while saying "Den dems not Gruy people!  Gruy protect Osheara for protecting Gruy!"

She stayed a little while longer before letting Gruy know that she should be heading to her own home.  Gruy understandingly let her go on her way.  In the mean time Gruy spent most of his time scouring the forest lookin for wood and other supplies to build himself a much needed shelter.  Several weeks had passed and it wasn’t long before Gruy knew the whole of the forest as well as most of its inhabitants.  He even finally completed building his small and very strange looking hut.

One day Gruy was out hunting with a few other trolls from the forest.  The day was going ok. They had scored several birds and squirrels.  As they came upon a clearing they spotted a being and one of the trolls began stalking towards it for the kill.  As they all drew closer to their prey Gruy start to get a familiar feeling.  No sooner than he got this feeling he was able to make out the figure and quickly called for the other trolls to stop with
a called gesture.

Gruy slowly moved towards the figure before asking "Is dat you Osheara?". 

The figure stood up and turned to Gruy removing its hood.  Indeed it was Osheara which brought a fast smile to the face of Gruy.  She returned his smile and said "It is good to see you again, Gruy. How are you liking you new home?. 

Gruy with a smile says "Gruy missed you dem been gone for long times.".  Gruy sat down with Osheara as they
started to talk.

The other trolls looked on obviously puzzled.  They waited a moment before resuming their hunt and leaving Gruy to speak with Osheara.  Not long after they began talking they were very rudely interrupted by another group of trolls.  Gruy stood up and tried to introduce Osheara to the trolls he obviously knew.  But they didn’t want to hear it obviously as they started calling Gruy a traitor of trollkind.  Gruy did not understand this at all.  Osheara stood up and told Gruy it was ok.  It was at this time the trolls started to close in around them.

Gruy looked around for a moment evaluating the area.  After that he looked at the biggest troll and said "Chief Rraarrga dis is Gruy frind dems not hurt!" 

One of the trolls said "Dem is Ewf and Ewf is gud food! Gruy give us food or die!" 

Gruy obviously upset by the remark begins making a low pitched growling sound before he snarls "Dems NO touch Osheara or dems will DIE!". 

The trolls just grinned and begun closing in around Gruy and Osheara.  Gruy wasted no time drawing his acquired ebony bladed longsword and glanced at Osheara to see her diggin through a bag.

At about the time the first troll struck out at Gruy, Osheara threw a vial from her bag to Gruy and she said "Drink that it will help you fight. " Gruy puzzled by this paused to look at Osheara and as he did he was bashed to the ground by one of the trolls.

As he lie there a spark lit within him and in great anger he began to rise to his feet and on his way up he caught the leg of the troll who had bashed him with his longsword and took his leg off just below the knee.  After making it to his feet Gruy quaffed the vial filled with blue liquid Osheara had thown to him.

As the liquid moved though his veins Gruy's skin glowed a brilliant blue for just a moment as Gruy was enveloped in the warming embrace of vitality.  Gruy then in a rage let out a blood burning roar as he charged a second troll.  As he approach the second troll he placed his ebony bladed longsword deep in the neck of the troll he wounded moments ago.  He let go of his blade and proceeded towards the troll and without care and in
haste he slammed his head directly in to the trolls face.

The troll now blinded from the blood in its eyes caused by the vicious headbutt stood there rubbing his eyes.  At this time Gruy pulled his blade from the neck of the now slumping troll and in a whirling motion beheads the troll now blinded before him.  As the head falls to the ground another troll hits Gruy right below his shoulderblade with a massive hammer.

Gruy fell foreward to his knees but as he did he thrust his sword backwards past his waist and in to the abdomen of the troll who just struck him.  As Gruy pushed the blade deep into the flesh of the troll the troll leaned foreward and began to bite Gruy upon his shoulder.  Gruy rolled to the left pulling the troll to the ground where he grabbed a large rock and viciously smashed the face of this troll until it was nothing more than a pile of blood and bone chippings.

Blood running down his arm Gruy rushed to his feet and spun around to find a troll attacking Osheara.  As Gruy went for his sword he watched in awe as Osheara began to glow a white color.  And it wasn’t a moment later that a voice from Osheara BOOMED out a single word in elven. 

As the word left her mouth everything around her pulsed for a moment and past that the trolls were instantly infused with the pain. One even fell to the ground unable to move but Gruy seemed unaffected by them.

Not wasting a moment of this advantage Gruy quickly grabbed his longsword and went to work on the paralyzed
troll lying there.  In several slashing motions Gruy was able to remove the trolls head from his now lifeless body.  By the time Gruy turned from the dead troll the last of the trolls guarding the Chieftain was starting to recover from the words of Osheara.

As Gruy approached the last guard weapon in air a voice yelled “Stop this!”  As Gruy looked up he seen it was the Troll Chief Rraarrga.  Gruy stopped and looked to the Chief and said in a stern voice "Osheara is Gruy friend leave her lone or all die!" 

The Chief nodded at his last guard and as he did so the guard stood down.  The Chief then said in a
strong voice "If Gruy wan defend Elvenkind den Gruy can die wit Elvenkind." followed by a grunt.  As he moved back into the forest with his guard he stopped and turned back to say "Gruy, the Runt Kooshie." Then turned back on his way in to the forest.

Gruy ignoring the Chieftain quickly dropped his sword and asked Osheara "Yous ok?"

Osheara with a comforting nod said "Yes I am fine Gruy but you’re bleeding."

Gruy grunted before saying "Gruy differnt now" and before he could say any more the blood flow from his shoulder ceased as the wound sealed itself closed.  Gruy smiled as the worry left Osheara's eyes.

Gruy led her to the edges of the forest where they sat and talked for awhile.  Gruy filled her in on all the things
that had happened since last the met.  And Osheara did the same of things in her life.  One particular thing Osheara spoke of really cause Gruy's attention.  And that was when she spoke of her home.  The land of the elves, Evermeet.

After they talked for a while Gruy asked Osheara if he could see her home.  She looked at him with a strange
smile on her face as she said "I don’t think that will ever be possible." 

Gruy then with a puzzled look on his face asked her "Why? Dems Ewf no like Gruy either?". 

Osheara looked at the sky and said "It is complicated, I suppose, Gruy. And yet not. You saw how those trolls felt about me?  That is all that my people have ever seen from them. It has always been that way." 

Gruy nodded his head while saying "Gruy know, Gruy seen what troll do to Ewf in Ghore.  Dems hurt Ewf but Gruy no let dem no mores!".

Osheara letting a smile through said "I’m glad I found one who was different, even though it is rare. I will try to talk with some of them. Perhaps they would allow you to visit at least. I can’t promise any more than that."

A rather large smile came over Gruy's face as he blurted out "Ok, Gruy thank Osheara!". 

After they spoke awhile longer Osheara decided it was time for her to go home. After Gruy told her goodbye she waved while muttering a few words before vanishing into thin air.  Gruy then went to his small home in the forest to gather all the food he had stored there.

Knowing the forest was no longer safe for him Gruy left everything else that was not needed behind.  After
he had his things he began the long journey north where he agreed to meet Osheara after she spoke with the Elves about Gruy visiting them.

More to come...
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Nice story bro


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