Runt VS Giant

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Runt VS Giant

Postby Gruy » Mon May 15, 2006 12:26 am

(Story is very descriptive and gore filled! If you have a weak stomach then DON'T read it!)

We find Gruy pressing forth to the point where he is supposed to
meet Osheara. As Gruy ventured out of Trollbark northwards he came
upon a rather large group of ruins. With great caution Gruy scouted
around the ruins before moving in to them as he did not know what to

After entering the ruins Gruy felt no danger and let his guard
down slightly. It was no sooner that this had happened than a massive
rock went hurtling by him smashing the already scarred ruins. Gruy
turned with haste to see what was going on and as he turned around
a smaller boulder about the size of a dwarf hit him directly in his left

Gruy roared as the pain instantly set in. It did not take long for
him to realize that his left arm was now just dangling there and he had
not control over it. Gruy slowly slid to the ground partly from the pain
and partly to try to asses the situation at hand.

At first panic set in as he finally spotted the hill giant standing no
more than twenty or thirty yards away. But then anger took over any
previous feelings he had experienced. Gruy placed his right hand upon
his left shoulder and began to work quickly on trying to find out what
made him lose control of it.

No more than a few moments passed as Gruy dug into his shoulder
before grabbin towards the back side of his shoulder and jerking it
foreward. Gruy roared as more pain set in though it wasent but a few
second later that the pain had mostly faded as the anger set back in.

Gruy began to shake violently as he grew more and more angry. In
a sudden fit of rage Gruy slammed his fists into the ground pushing his
way quickly back to his feet. As Gruy got to his feet the giant began
to close in on him.

Gruy moved towards a large tree to the left of him. Once standing
next to the trunk Gruy drew his ebony bladed longsword's and stabbed
them both in to the trunk of the tree roughly four feet apart. The giant
had reached striking distance and wasted no time grabbing the club at
his side.

Gruy watched in caution waiting for the right moment to make his
attack. The giant wasted no time once armed he drew back his large
club and as he swung foreward Gruy lunged foreward on to the ground
and into a rolling motion. The club smashed violently in to the ground
scarring the vegetation that grew there.

As Gruy rolled over and lept hastily to his feet the giant was still
minorly stunned from the contact of the club to the hard ground. Gruy
ran towards the tree and lept onto the first blade he placed into the
trunk before leaping up to the second one.

Once on the top blade in the trunk Gruy lept from the blade trying
to land on the giant. It was about that time the giant got his senses and
looked up to see Gruy coming at him mid-air. The giant swung his arm
around catching Gruy in the abdomen. Gruy latched on to the massive
arm of the giant as it swung him around.

Gruy knowing he was in a tight spot began to pull himself up the
giants arm towards his head. The giant lifted his arm and as fast as he
could swung it towards the tree. Gruy looked out seeing where he was
headed and with one final push lept off the giants arm and was albe to
latch himself on to the torso of the the giant.

Already to late to stop it the giants arm at the elbow smashed in to
the tree snapped the tree clean in half. It also seemingly broke the arm
of the giant as well. Gruy now had his grip on the giants shoulder and
as the giant howled in pain from his arm Gruy pulled himself up on to
the giants shoulder.

Gruy now straddling the shoulder of the giant took his right hand
and with all his might dug it in to the giants right eye. Blood begain to
pour down Gruy's arm as he forced the eyeball itself from the socket.
The giant screamed in pain as a large amount of blood began running
down his face.

Gruy pulling his hand from the socket began viciously punching at
the face of the giant. The giant with his one good arm reached up at
Gruy trying to grab him but instead accidently knocked Gruy from his
shoulder. Gruy fell to the ground and was stunned for a moment. The
giant stood there trying to wipe the blood from his face and access
the damage the little troll in front of him had done.

Gruy after gathering his senses rolled over and lept to his feet
wasting no time heading for the tree where his blades were. Gruy
jumped in a sideways motion towards the trunk and grabbed the hilt
of both ebony bladed longswords.

As his feet made contact with the trunk Gruy pushed off tearing
both the blades from the trunk of the tree. Gruy landed with little
grance upon his feet in front of the paniced giant. Gruy dropped
one of his ebony bladed longswords and with both hands thrusted the
other through the foot of the giant into the ground below.

The giant belowed in agony. Gruy wasted no time snatching the
sword he had dropped. Once in hand Gruy swung the longsword with
might deeply slicing the back of the giants left leg. As blood gushed
from the left leg of the giant Gruy turned his interest to the right leg
of the giant.

Gruy in a raor of anger plunged his ebony bladed longsword
into the muscle of the giants right leg. As the giant bellowed further
he fell to his left knee as the other was immobile from the longsword
left in the giants right foot.

With the giant slumped to one knee Gruy took full advantage by
leaping up on the the giants knee. After doing this the giant in one
last desperate attempt tried knocking Gruy off his knee. As the very
large hand drew close to Gruy he jerked his ebony bladed longsword
in an upwards motion severing 3 of the giants huge fingers sending
them falling to the ground.

The giant in pure agony drew back his bloody hand in such haste
that it threw him off balace and as the giant feel backwards Gruy
thrusted his blade in to the giants thigh to keep his balace. The giant
hit the ground with so much force that his right foot jerked upwards
pulling the ebony bladed longsword from the ground.

Gruy quickly pulled his longsword from the giants thigh and he
moved to get the other from the giants foot. After aquiring both of
his ebony bladed longsword's Gruy moved up the giants body mkaing
sure to stab and slice bits of the giants legs and torso as he made his
way for the head of the giant.

Stand square on the giants chest Gruy noticed out of the corner
of his that to his left the giant was attempting to strike him with his
right hand. Gruy quickly turned rolling his blades down past his legs
and pulling them back up meet the hand of the giant with both of his
ebony bladed longsword's.

As Gruy cut in to the hand of the giant he gashed up the giants
wrist leaving the now unrecognisable hand in three bloody lumps of
gore. As the now limp arm of the giant fell to it's side Gruy moved
up to the head of the giant thrusting one of his longswords into the
chin of the giant forcing it through the bone and in to the roof of
the giants mouth.

The giants mouth now forced shut Gruy wasted no time moving
to stand on the face of the now limp and frightened giant. Gruy
stared deep into the eyes of the giant for several moments. And
with a skin raising roar Gruy lept into the air forcing his longsword
deep into the flesh right between the giants eyes.

As Gruy stood and watched the giant convulse and begin to die
he began roaring and violently stomping on the face of the giant.
After the giants was dead completly Gruy wasted no time collecting
his ebony bladed longsword's. After calming down Gruy realized
that he was covered from head to toe in a mixture of his own blood
and that of the giant.

It was coincidence that a heavy rain started to fall as night
fell. Gruy pressed on north out of the ruins before setting up a
small camp for the night to rinse the blood from his skin and rest.

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