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Journal entries

Postby Adriorn Darkcloak » Sun May 28, 2006 4:27 am

25th Day of the Month of Uktar
Another year. I keep wondering when this blasted curse will free me from this undeath. I cannot imagine how a vampire can live. Yet so much good has been done in this past year. Yet so much has been lost as well. Tel'arato Dagor was a highlight, I must say. I am saddened by the loss of both of my friends and team mates, but such is my life. The Warders have too seen much change and growth, and loss and life. I am happy to finally share time with my old friend Liran and his Halfling sidekick, but I am saddened by the loss of another dear gnome, Netonosel. Why must I always lose Gnomes? First Sjesko, dear friend, and now Netonosel. The rumors those serving maidens say must be true; we are losing our gnomes. I must remember to ask Jenna about this.

30th Day of the Month of Uktar
After the death, or deaths I should say, of Tiamat, there has been a relative peace throughout. No one can deny that. But that silence has something I do not like behind it. I can sense it, though I cannot explain it just yet. Little things here and there more so, but all seemingly connected somehow. The Drow agrees, and others as well. I think a meeting might be the best course of action. I must remember to speak to Those That Know. I should contact Deshana and Lilira of course, and the Drow as well. There are others too, but my Warders will take care of those. There is only so much ground I can cover now. Somehow I seem to be able to walk more now than when I was younger, but the tiredness is the problem. I must remember to ask Jenna about this.

33rd Day of the Month of Uktar
I found an interesting item recently. Very interesting. An old Lich agreed that it was interesting. Interesting…I must remember to ask Jenna about this.

Month of Uktar
For some reason I cannot remember what day it is, blast this memory. Yesterday, whatever day that might have been, I could not remember the difference between Eregosh and Theargosck. Unbelievable. My memory failing me is just what I needed. I must remember to ask Jenna about this.
"There is one big rule in life - the things you worry about never happen, and the things that happen are never the ones you expect." - John Bellairs

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