Blood & Sand Pt. 2

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Blood & Sand Pt. 2

Postby Drahken » Tue Sep 19, 2006 9:14 pm

The sound of thunder echos through the desert sand as Lord Geligmas prepares the Sultan's daughter for sacrifice. Drahken bends down, scooping a small handful of pitch black sand and letting it fall through his fingers slowly. He kneels before one of the spires and pulls a tome of writing runes from inside is bag, slowly opening to a marked page. Gelgimas grins from ear to ear as he caresses the young woman's face, wiping a tear from beneath her eye and licking it from his grimy fingers.

"The Pasha has quite an invested interest in your home." Gelgimas says " His funding was quite useful in convincing your traiterous bodyguards to hand you over."

The girl twists and squirms trying to free herself from the ropes that hold her to one of the obsidian spires.

"Do you have something to say before you die?" Geligmas chuckles.

Drahken stands, closing his tome slowly and examining the spire before him. He runs his hands along the surface carefully. Small runes, barely visible a moment earlier, begin to pulse softly as the spire hums with unnatural energy.

Drahken's thoughts wandered as he continued preparing the other spires. He had come a long way from where he started, no longer a lost vagabond wandering the world with no reason or purpose. His anger towards the parents that disowned him had polluted his thoughts and how he lusted for revenge which Gelgimas assured him would be coming soon if Drahken stayed true to the Cabal of the Dark Sands and did what must be done.

Gelgimas grinned as Drahken finished activating all but the last spire the young woman was tied to. He pulled the same blue tome he had used earlier from inside the satchel bag Ygryeal was still carrying, flipping to a tattered page.

"Now we begin the rites and bring forth our new lord and master." Gelgimas says with a sinister grin plastered across his face. He turns to Drahken, laying a hand gently on his shoulder and nods. "You will perform the sacrifice. The time has come to prove your allegiance to the cabal and meet your new master. I've done all that I can do for you."

Drahken nods solemnly and bows before Gelgimas. He reaches into his bag and removes a blue azurite dagger gripping the handle tightly. The young woman squirms aware of her fate as Drahken stares into her eyes one last time. He breaths deep, sucking in as much air as he can and holding it in his lungs as thought it would be his last breath. Beads of sweat form along his brow, the droplets dripping down his face.

With a solid jabbing motion he plunges the dagger into the girls stomach as she lets out a muffled scream in agony. He carefully twists the dagger as blood drips down from her abdomen and onto the sand before her. The ground lurches sending the men sprawling as the spires rise upward from the sand and high up into the night sky. Drahken begins murming the ancient language Gelgimas had spent months teaching him in the sanctuary of the desert. As each word is spoken the spires rise higher into the air. Bolts of electricity drop from the heavens with a deafening boom as each spire is hit with a surge of energy. The dark sand before their feet shifts slowly as the air begins to swirl.

As the sand swirls, caught in the turbulence of the wind a massive figure slowly begins to form. Drahken steps back from the bleeding girl unsure of what to make of this remarkable occurrence. Gelgimas grins as he nods to the other men.


In an instant the swirling sand coalesces, the figure fully formed. A hulking demon stands in the center of the circle, its body composed of the dark sand of the desert and standing nearly 30 feet tall. It's eyes burn red as it lets out a thunderous roar, its wicked maw of teeth shining under the pale glow of the spires. Drahken falls to the ground as he attempts to move out of the way. The demon grins when it sees the young girl still clinging to her life. It reaches down pulling the battered girl from the spire and ripping her torso in two and drinking the blood that drips from her now lifeless body.

Ygryeal cringes as he ducks behind one of the spires and attempts to hide himself.

"Don't be afraid!" Gelgimas shouts as he raises his ashen staff into the air, a blinding beam of light shining outward from it's crystal.

The demon turns to Gelgimas ready to to attack but instead stares into his eyes. A loud bellowing voice booms as the demon speaks.

"Who dares summon me from my slumber!" screams the hulking sand demon Xedazinax.

Gelgimas bows before the demon "We have, your faithful followers of the dark sands."

"Who is it that has performed the rites of sacrifice." bellows Xedazinax "Who dares to serve me."

Gelgimas nods at Drahken as he stands and dusts himself of.

"I, Drahken Draogi of Calimport, have performed tonight's sacrifice."

"You have served me well." Xedazinax says as he begins eating the lifeless body of the Sultan's daughter.

"We have summoned you as the prophecy foretold and now shall follow your command. I bow before you oh great Lord Xedazinax, demon of the dark sands, ruler of the wastes of the world."

Xedazinax grins malevolently, his eyes burning with satisfaction.

"The Cabal of the Dark Sands is now born anew, as told by the great seer of Chultean and by the wandering sages of Anourach and we are your faithful Cabalists, bound to serve by the powers you posses." Gelgimas says, bowing once again before the hulking demon.

Xedazinax throws the remaining pieces of the young girls corpse aside. "Then you shall serve me unquestionably by bringing me the head of the Sultan from which the blood of this child was created."

Gelgimas nods.

"Return to this place when you have performed by bidding. Fail me and you shall suffer my wrath."

Xedazinax roars, his swirling form melting back into the dark sand as the sky clears. The sun begins to rise over the horizon of the sand dunes as it begins to rain, the water washing the blood that stains the desert sand away. The men all look at each other, unsure of what just transpired.

"You heard him, we have our orders." Gelgimas shouts. "Let us return home for now."

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