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Postby Lilira » Sat Nov 17, 2007 6:33 pm


Thanks everyone who helped, put up with me asking opinions, questions, proofreading...

*laugh* Just thanks.

In case anyone is curious, links I used for a info on a regular basis are below. I tried to google specific cities, looked one or two up in some of my D&D books by Wizards. Others that I couldn't find info on, I made up.

For my calendar

For my Map (isn't it pretty!)

Weather (Yes, I was THAT anal at times.)

Most of the characters in the journal entries are figments of my imagination. Kayliss, The Frisky Wench, Kearn and Kyrth are all characters created by my hubby and lent to me for this.

Thanks to you guys reading it. Hope you enjoyed.


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