The Bastard Savior of Greyhome

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The Bastard Savior of Greyhome

Postby alendar » Sat Sep 06, 2008 4:34 pm

Bastard Savior of Greyhome

I was raised the son of a farmer on the island of Evermeet. My father, a strong willed man named Sinliminal, worked the land to feed his family. My mother, a beautiful slender woman named Irinilinia, was a seamstress and housewife. At a young age, I noticed I was different from my siblings. All of my siblings had very dark hair, where as my hair is blonde almost platinum. My brothers were all taller than me and much heartier. My father apparently noticed also. Although he never hit me, he always treated me different than my brothers. At the human equivalent age of nine, I was shipped off to boarding school so to speak, at the Academy of Higher Magic in Luethspar.
Magic came easy for me. I excelled to the top of my age group and was even placed in studies with the older children. My achievements made my instructors very happy, but my fellow students weren’t as impressed. That’s when I first met, Olinilor. He was a few years older than me, a few inches taller than me, fifty or sixty pounds heavier than me, oh and a much better puncher. It apparently was his goal to make my life a living hell, and he deserved a promotion because he was good at it. It started with knocking me down, sending my school supplies flying. During my second year, it progressed to him destroying my belongings and alienating me from the other students. My third year, he summoned a fire mephit and set it upon me, as good clean fun. My fourth year, he conjured a fire elemental which destroyed my room and gave me 2nd and 3rd degree burns. At this point I decided to start fighting back, I got a black eye and several broken ribs for my trouble (told ya he was a better puncher than me). So I took a different approach, a few gestures and chants, Olinilor’s eyes glazed over. I planted a few “harmless” suggestions in his subconscious. He acted funny for a few days until the charm was dispelled. I got a broken arm and two more broken ribs. With no one to turn to I made the worst decision of my short life. It seems Olinilor was prone to depression and well somehow jumped to his death from the top of the Academy’s tower. My training was at a stand still at that point, and even though they had no evidence I was to blame, I was shipped home.
The trek home was pleasant, the arrival however wasn’t. My mother dropped her sewing and raced to embrace me. My brothers shook my hand, and asked how I’d been. My father walked past me as if I wasn’t even there. I guess time doesn’t heal all wounds.
The first summer back home went by fast. I continued my studies on my own. Mother sewed, father sowed, and my brothers helped father. It was at the beginning of the fall season when my life changed forever. My brothers came back from the fields carrying my father’s limp body. An ox had tripped and fell landing on my father’s chest crushing it. We buried him under the elm tree near the barn. Mother, a few days later, took ill. The priests could only say she was mourning herself to death. A few weeks later, she called me to her side.
“Asa,” she used my pet name, “I need to tell you something”.
“I’m here mother”, I could only answer.
“The man you thought was your father isn’t. Your father lives. I had an affair with a nobleman once during the Fall Festival in Leuthspar. It was a mistake, Sinliminal never knew but I’m sure he suspected. Your father is Erlan of Greyhome in the Greycloak Hills, near the human settlement of Waterdeep. I’m sorry you had to find out this way… I love you very much..”, and with that she closed her eyes.
Those were the last words my mother ever spoke. We buried her under the elm next to her husband.
Packing my belongings and bidding my brothers farewell, I left home for the second time. Greycloak was lush and green, full of life. Greyhome keep wasn’t huge, in terms of the Academy of Higher Magic or the teeming streets of Waterdeep, but it was lavish.
“I’m here to see Lord Erlan”, I told the gatekeeper.
“Lord Erlan sees no one without a formal introduction”, the gate keep spat looking down his nose at me.
“How does one get said formal introduction” I said threw gritted teeth.
“Talk to the captain of the guard”, the gate keeper said slamming the port hole.
I spoke with several soldiers patrolling the hills and finally found the captain.
“Introduction you say, I suppose I could write something up for you, but you would have to do something for me.” The captain said. “The Zhentils, in the area, are supplying our enemies with weapons, which is in direct violation of our treaty. However I don’t have proof of that and to search the wagons would be a violation of the treaty and probably start a war that would not end well for anyone in Greycloak. Bring me proof of their violation and you shall have your introduction.”
“Introducing Asaiden of Leuthspar to see Lord Erlan”, the herald bellowed getting the attention of the court.
“Step forth and speak”, The large elf seated on the throne said half hearted.
“Your Lordship, I am Asaiden. My mother was Irinilinia. I am the product of your union with her during the Fall Festival 75 years ago.” I said confidently (really should have thought this through).
The crowd gasped, Erlan rose and bellowed “LIES!” The guards, which I hadn’t originally saw, grabbed me and pinned my arms tightly to my side.
“What proof do you bring? Your mother’s word?”, Erlan berated. “If every women I had dealings with accused me of fatherhood, I’d have an army equal to that of Waterdeep’s.”
“My mother gave me this amulet to show you as proof”, I said struggling to free my hands. The golden medallion freed from under my cloak made the crowd gasp yet again.
“Many have those,” Erlan said dismissively. “If you are product of my loins, I will set you on a quest to prove it. Finish it and that will be proof enough, Fail and well you will perish for your lies.”, Erlan commanded with a grand hand gesture.
Several seasons later, a much older Asaiden stood in front of the court once again.
“Have you completed your quest?” Erlan said from the large throne.
Asaiden raised the head of a long dead demon lord named Forka and smiled. Erlan leaped from the throne. “You are indeed my son. Take these trinkets as my apology for not believing it and please join me at a feast in your honor.” He then turned to the court and with an arm around Asaiden’s shoulders said “My Son Asaiden Luisan, Savior of Greyhome”.
Asaiden barely heard it, but heard it just the same. One of the court members whispered something snide under his breath, Bastard Savior more like!
And that’s my story… Bastard Savior of Greyhome. I stayed on in Greyhome for awhile, as Magical Advisor for pop, but it grew boring. I then attacted myself to an adventuring company called Triterium for a bit, but that’s a story for another day.

Asaiden Luisan
Magical Advisor to Lord Erlan
Bastard Savior of Greyhome
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