One day

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One day

Postby vezasee » Mon Sep 16, 2002 6:53 pm

Slipping through the shadows of the barracks, past the unsuspecting troops twards the private quarters of the Warleader of the Aleanhreal, Vezasee thought this is much too easy, like slaughtering rothe but less satisfying. It would be so easy to pick one of them off in the midst of their comrades, just an object lesson in viligence. Damn, these are drow, picked off one by one by outsiders taken into the bossom of this great city of dobluth kyorl. Pitiful really, but there is business to be taken care of. Still unnnoticed she slipped through the doorway.
"what is it this time" Vezasee whispered into the ear of the Warleader,"I am not your personal assistant Jorhl, this had better be good"
He tried not to look startled by her sudden words...And failed miserably. It amused her immensely to watch this pompous noble squirm.
"It's Rilan'tar again, I need you to thin out the herd" He replied
"Jorhl, you know that this is beneath me, get one of your toy soldiers to do it."
"I'll pay double" He interjects quickly before Vezasee has a chance to walk out the door. She turns tward him and cocks an eyebrow. "You should know by now its not a matter of money, your tasks grow boring and tedious." She walks twards the desk and takes a seat on its cluttered surface, looking directly into his eyes she notices the beads of sweat gathering on his brow, she smiles, good he's nervous she thinks to herself.
"If you do this thing for me, I'm sure I can find something more interesting for a woman of your talents" HIs eyes sray down her svelte figure as a nervous grin plays about his lips. In a flash there is a dagger buried an inch deep in the wood of his desk between the fingers of his left hand. "Your eyes on my face you worthless piece of offal! You need yet more proof of the skills I've proven before you deign to offer me a task worthy of my skills. Now it begins."
With a whirl of her cape she disappears from his sight. With the click sound of the door closing he realeases the breath that he was holding.
As silent as death she moves to behind one of the soldiers and slits his throat. She whirls around and one of her blades finds its mark across the belly of another, right before the second is buried to the hilt in his throat.
Before the first hits the floor she is gone.
Later that night she is perched on top of one of the buildings in the outer circle watching the search for her.
How easy it would be, like killing rothe but less satisfying. Her last though before she disappears into the shadows.


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