MUD News 10/10/03

Updates and notes from the development staff.
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MUD News 10/10/03

Postby Shevarash » Fri Oct 10, 2003 8:20 pm

Taken from the MUD news:

10/10/03 Domain Name, BBS, New Code
- Our new domain name '' is now functional. Please use 9999 to connect to the MUD, and for
the website.
- The BBS is up and running at
- Ice Layer/Trip should now instantly stop casting.
- Tons of new code, see below - helpfiles coming soon!

10/10/03 Mielikki's Happy Fun Code
- NEW CHARACTER ROLLER - Redesigned character roller. Features include:
much easier to roll decent stats, online stat help available for new
players, and the option of swapping any stat with another while
rolling. Try it out!
- Spell Components - Some new spells will now require components to
cast. To use spell components, purchase a component bag, put your
components inside of it and wear it. The appropriate components will
be automatically removed upon casting. Note that only two spells that
use these components currently, and there are no plans to expand this
to existing spells.
- NEW SPELL - Ball Lightning, Invoker 10th. Area damage quest spell
with delayed electrical burn affect. The quest is in and functional.
- NEW SPELL - Breach, Enchanter 9th. Offensive spell that attempts to
dispel protective magics from the target.
- NEW SPELL - Aura of the Griffon, Enchanter 10th. Group fly, requires
a griffon feather component to work.
- NEW SPELL - Group Barkskin, Druid 10th. Requires a piece of bark
- NEW SPELL - Harmonious Blessing, Bard/Chanter 8th. Self-only bless,
improves song quality and timing.
- NEW SPELL - Boneshatter, Necro 10th. Targetted offensive damage with
a chance to bash the target.
- Earth/Fire Fog stacking problems fixed.
- Hamstring is now harder to repeat on the same target, like similar
- Battlechanters now have INT as a primary stat over WIS.
- Beltyn's now gets a saving throw (like every other spell.)

10/10/03 Eilistraee's Cornucopia of Code
- Modified the saving throw on Vampiric Curse - it should now land
with more frequency.
- NEW PSI SKILL - Wormhole, 46th. Mass transit quest skill. The quest
is in the game and functional. Prime only.
- Stasis Field heal amount upgraded, several bugs fixed as well.
- Fixed up Synaptic Static - it should now function as advertised.
- Battle Trance fixed - all groups members in combat will benefit now.
- Globe of Darkness stacking problems fixed.
- Dominate and Mass Dominate saves improved.
- Equalibrium will now neutralize stronger poisons.
- Rifts won't fall in no-ground rooms any longer.
- NEW SPELL: Heal Mount, Pal/Anti/Dire 5th. Works like it sounds.
- Mounts now use their rider's saving throws.
- You can now ride indoors with a successful skill check.
- New high level mounts for all mount classes added.
- Existing mounts received a facelift.
- Summon Mount now costs 5 prestige - 'summon return' will return your
mount and reward 5 prestige back.
- Layhands and Lifetap now heal your mount provided you are riding them.
- Shaman spells now receive a slight boost when their spirit is present.
- Added 'who rp' to show roleplayers.
- Added 'deposit all' for depositing all of your coin types at once.
- You no longer receive or lose prestige for actions in Acheron.
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