MUD News 11/04/2004

Updates and notes from the development staff.
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MUD News 11/04/2004

Postby Shevarash » Thu Nov 04, 2004 7:56 pm

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11/03/04               [Shevarash] SCT Bonanza
  - Goodberry heal now works when eaten from a container.  (You can also "eat berry"
  - Can look in/manipulate worn quivers like any other container now.
  - Apply poison uses the same item referencing as the new container code.
  - Hopefully squished the max psp meditate bug.
  - Phantom steeds load with DI.
  - Liches are a little more resistant to lich drain.
  - Examine and Empty now work on worn containers per previous entries.
  - Remove uses the method now, so you can "remove 2.dagger", etc.
  - Fixed the double spellout messages.
  - You can now combine the "neutral" and "evil" who switches.
  - You can now quaff directly from a container.  Syntax: "quaff <potion> <container>"
  - Other even more random fixes that you won't notice.
11/03/04               [Mielikki] Group Rename
  - You can now rename your group without disbanding.  Syntax: "grename <new name>"
  - Added "remove primaryweapon" and "remove secondaryweapon" aliases.
11/03/04               [Eilistraee] Mr. Clean
  - You can now clean the poison off of a weapon.  Syntax: "clean <weapon>".
  - Fixed a couple minor bugs.
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