MUD News 12/03/04

Updates and notes from the development staff.
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MUD News 12/03/04

Postby Shevarash » Sat Dec 04, 2004 4:08 am

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12/03/04               [Eilistraee] Smorgasbord
  - Choking Palace code updated, it should work properly now.
  - Haste sleeves fixed and back in.
  - New Innate: Turn Undead (Cleric/Paladin) - replaces the spell.  Details in helpfile.
  - New Spell: Siphon Undead (Lich 10th, Quest) - see helpfile.  Quest is IN.
  - New Spell: Annihilate Undead (Necro 10th, Quest) - see helpfile.  Quest is IN.
  - New Spell: Disruption Burst (Cleric 10th, Quest) - see helpfile.  Quest is IN.
  - Pets will stay sitting/reclining/sleeping when told.
  - Fixed the discrepancy with consider and undead rasiability.
  - Rangers and Paladins that lose their good alignment also lose their spells until they
    go good aligned again.
  - Restrings cannot be auctioned.
  - Auction max length shortened to 16 real days.
  - Gloomhaven barge should be a little easier to catch now.
  - Only leaders can use grename now.
  - Fumbles are logged more comprehensively now.
  - Cleaned up archery messages.
  - Standardized arrow and crossbow damage, reflected in identify.
  - Opening a door while track-sneaking will unhide you now.
  - Various object proc fixes.
  - Bunch of crashbugs fixed.
  - RP Info files are in.
12/03/04               [Shevarash] Cameo
  - Some minor bugfixes relating to acheron and assoc chat.  You probably won't notice.
12/03/04               [Mielikki] Energized
  - You can now get a good idea of your mounts condition by glancing at them.
  - Fixed up a bunch of trap issues.
  - You can now only cast control weather outdoors.
  - Passwords are once again case-sensitive, and the WHOLE password must match now.
    If you have password troubles please petition with another character.
  - Battle Chanters can enter the bard guild in BG now.
11/27/04               [Cyric] Temple of Twisted Flesh
  - TTF is now no-teleport.  Feedback welcome.
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