11/12/2007 - Project Bandaid Phase 2

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11/12/2007 - Project Bandaid Phase 2

Postby Shevarash » Mon Nov 12, 2007 6:41 pm

Phase 2 of Project Bandaid is now deployed to the MUD. This phase contains a collection of bug fixes, enhancements, and time savers, in addition to the new Spell Focus item effects. The contents are as follows:

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11/12/07               [Shevarash] Project Bandaid: Phase 2
  - Added Spell Focus item effects.  There is no equipment in game yet, see the forums for details.
  - 'Meditate' is now a reflexive skill for all casters.  Psionicist usage is unchanged.
  - The 'mounted combat' skill now allows a remount in combat, with a 1 round lag.
  - Revamped the system for allowing/disallowing commands while hidden.  All communication (except for
    say/shout), all group commands, all movement commands, all look commands, and a selection of "safe"
    commands are now allowed.  Safe commands are: skills, help, score, att, news, motd, assoc.
  - Fixed a bug with Bronze Dragon breath.
  - Lowered camp time by 50%.
  - Cut scribe time by 50%.
  - The 'empty' command now moves coins as well as items.
  - Raised the creeping doom damage very slightly to compensate for the saving throw added a while back.
  - Lowered the temperature threshold for the 'dessicate' spell.
  - Increased search success rate, decreased lag by 50%.
  - 'Disarm' can now be used with no parameters, and will select the first available weapon on the target
    you are fighting.  You can also target secondary weapons directly now, even if there is no primary
    weapon wielded.
  - Vampiric Curse only shows a message when the hitter is actually healed.
  - You can now memorize from books held in either hand, even identical books.

All of these changes were inspired by player feedback, so please keep the ideas coming.

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