General Update - 08/20/01

Updates and notes from the development staff.
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General Update - 08/20/01

Postby Shevarash » Tue Aug 21, 2001 3:15 am

After a sabbaticcal of three weeks to take care of RL business, I am back and look forward to spending some quality time with my favorite codebase.

I apologize for the delay and lack of significant forward momentum recently, but it was simply unavoidable.

One of the first thigns I'd like to do now that I am back is improve the Staff's communication with the Players, and that's the general idea behind this forum. To start off with, I will be posting some news on specific subjects of development within their own threads, and after that I plan on weekly posts to this forum to keep you guys up to speed with where we war eand what's on it's way.

Hopefully this process will keep you all informed to your heart's content, provide you with the neccessary information with which to offer your informed feedback on new additions, and also help keep the coders motivated.

Stay tuned, more is on the way!

<B>Shevarash -- Code Forger of Sojourn3

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