10/10/2001 - Assocs, Elementalists, etc.

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10/10/2001 - Assocs, Elementalists, etc.

Postby Shevarash » Wed Oct 10, 2001 6:05 pm

Hello folks, sorry for the long dealy inbetween updates - I will try and get one up here at leatsonce a week from now on, but no promises. Image

Work has been progressing nicely the last few weeks in the area of melee balancing, bug fixes, and other various bits of code - including some alterations to assist new players.

In addition to the above, the Association code has been finished and installed in the MUD, and will be turned on very soon, pending a few finalized details. Start recruiting now - it's almost time!

In the meantime, the changes to both melee and area spell balance has paved the way for Elementalists to make their long-delayed appearance, so work will now resume on finishing up what little remains to be done on their spell list and other sundries. I hope to have an update for you in the very near future which will pierce the veil of mystery surrounding this new class and explain just what the heck they do. Image

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