06/09/02 - Status Report

Updates and notes from the development staff.
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06/09/02 - Status Report

Postby Shevarash » Sun Jun 09, 2002 9:53 am

Slight delay, eh? Image

Well folks, here's what's in the works from the Code sphere:

1) Bards: Iyachtu is hard work on revamping this class - check out his post in the Announcements section for more details.

2) New tools for Area makers: A powerful new tool to be followed by a smattering of smaller things has been made available to Area mkers in their zones. What does this mean to you? More dynamic, challenging, and (hopefully) interesting zones.

3) Advanced Proc types: We've recently added the capability to support new and interesting sorts of procs. Expect to see new and interesting stuff popping up in the near future.

4) Bug Fixing: Crash bugs are possibly at an all time low, and any new one that rear their ugly heads are quickly squashed. While I'm usre you all appreciate the stability, I understand that the long uptimes can be frustrating at times. Although it's still a little ways down the road, a solution to this is in the works.

5) Mob Skills: In the very near future, we will be fixing two long standing bugs which will affect Mobile power positively, at least to some extent. Consider yourself warned. Image

6) Web Page: As you've probably noticed, our current homepage is badly out of date, to say the least. Work is ongoing to dramatically improve this situation. Expect a Web site that is more than just a link to the BBS this summer.

That's all for now.

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