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Postby Todrael » Sun Aug 17, 2003 8:30 pm

I'm looking for some more content for Todrael's Lair. If anyone would like to create newbie guides for classes that don't already have one listed, or provide updates for those that are already there, please email me or post them here on the BBS, and I'll switch them to html and put them up on my site. More maps are also welcome.


(cross-posted here and in Newbie Help, to hopefully reach more people)
-Todrael Azz'miala, Ravager
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Postby moritheil » Mon Aug 18, 2003 12:28 am

I should dig up that half-finished Druid Guide, and the unproofed Leaders' Guide I wrote a year or so ago.
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Postby Lirathal » Mon Aug 18, 2003 4:31 pm

moritheil wrote:... and the unproofed Leaders' Guide I wrote a year or so ago.

Isn't that a severe oxymoron Capt. Spankmaster?

Lira :P
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Postby Dalar » Mon Aug 18, 2003 4:35 pm

i hpoe nobody reads moritheil's guides
It will be fixed in Toril 2.0.
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Postby moritheil » Wed Aug 20, 2003 4:18 pm

Lirathal wrote:
moritheil wrote:... and the unproofed Leaders' Guide I wrote a year or so ago.

Isn't that a severe oxymoron Capt. Spankmaster?

Lira :P

Hey, my style is a valid leading style. I like to think of it as keeping ressers in business! By 'unproofed' I mean it wasn't proofread or edited.
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Postby Todrael » Thu Aug 21, 2003 3:46 am

Updated my necromancer guide.
-Todrael Azz'miala, Ravager
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Postby Xisiqomelir » Wed Aug 27, 2003 10:37 am

Sojourn 3 Newbie Psionicist Guide - By Xisiqomelir


1 - The Role of the Psionicist
2 - Starting Out
3 - Abilities
4 - Exp
5 - Controlling Followers
6 - Zones
7 - Tips

1- The Role of the Psionicist

There are three main purposes of the Psionicist in groups. These are transport, damage dealing and darkening of lit rooms. There are new spells possessed by other classes that have lessened the need for Psionicists as darkeners, but they remain the only evilrace class that has an instantaneous transport ability. Psionicists possess excellent damage-dealing ability, rivalling that of Invokers. Psionicists are very highly desired in groups, and almost always guaranteed a place.

2 - Starting Out

The Newbie Guide has a great deal of useful information for starting players.

Illithids are the only race that be Psionicists. Psionicists are unique to the Evil racewar side. (See "help racewar" for more information about how Good and Evil races interact on Sojourn)

Illithids have exceptional Intelligence, Power and Wisdom, but only average Dexterity and Agility. Illithids have the lowest Strength and Constitution of any race on Sojourn. Illithids do not have gender. The lllithid hometown is Ixarkon, and it is located in the underdark to the northeast of the Duergar hometown, Gloomhaven.

When rolling, attempt to get the following attributes after bonuses; Perfect Power and Intelligence, Heroic Constitution. Decent (Average to Good) Strength and Agility can also be useful. The prime attribute of a Psionicist is Power.

Psionicists are unable to use the 'say', 'ask' and 'shout' commands. They use 'project', 'pask' and 'massproject' instead.

Psionicist abilites require the expenditure of Psionic Strength Points, more commonly called PSPs. To observe your current/maximum PSPs, type 'display all'. You may regain PSPs by sitting then resting then meditating, or by braindraining the proper type of incapacitated mobs (those with brains). No action may be taken while meditating. The syntax for braindraining is 'drain mobname'. PSPs may also be stored in reservoir items. These are to be kept in one's inventory unbagged. The command to recharge PSP reservoirs is 'chargepsp reservoirname'. One must possess the chargepsp skill to recharge reservoirs, it may be practiced once one attains level 9. PSP reservoirs may be charged concurrently with the restoration of one's own PSPs through sit->rest->meditate, in which case the full sequence for meditating and recharging the reservoir is sit->rest->chargepsp reservoirname->meditate. The Battlechanter and Bard classes possess a psp regeneration song also.

3 - Abilities

All abilities are listed under 'help skill_psionicist'.

Level 1

Aurasight - Aurasight allows you to determine the alignment of mobs, and also if they have alignment-based hostilities.

Combatmind - Combatmind is used on your mob followers. It increases their hitroll

Mindblast - Mindblast is a single target direct damage ability. It has a chance of stunning it's target. The likelihood of a stun increases as your skill in mindblast increases.

Level 4

Sense Danger - Sense danger allows you to detect the presence of hostile mobs in adjacent rooms, useful when you are unable to farsee or dayblind. When you have attained a high enough level in sense danger, you will be able to detect the direction in which the hostiles are located as well as their presence.

Level 9

Detonate - Detonate is the most damaging single-target ability a Psionicist possesses. However, detonate can only be used against material enemies without a blood-based circulation, such as myconids, treants and corporeal undead.

Level 12

Adrenalize - Adrenalize increases a Psionicist's Constitution score, hitroll and damroll temporarily. There is a slight possibility that the projection will misfire and temporarily lower the Psionicist's score. This possibility diminishes as one's skill in Adrenalize increases.

Level 14

Project Force - Project Force is a single target direct damage ability. It cannot be used on incorporeal or wraithform mobs such as fire/air elementals or ghosts. Project Force has a chance of bashing it's target, and also a chance of catastrophically misfiring and doing in excess of 250 points of damage to the Psionicist. The chances of bashing increase, and the odds of misfiring decrease as one's skill in Project Force improves. Project Force does more damage than mind blast.

Level 15

Body Control - Body Control allows one to acclimatise to hostile environments, such as underwater and burning rooms. IMPORTANT: Note that the protection from environmental "burning" accorded by body bontrol is NOT true protection from fire. This means that equipment is still vulnerable to destruction from fire breath, even if body control is active.

Catfall - Catfall either reduces or wholly eliminates the impact damage taken from falling, depending on the height of the fall and one's skill in catfall.

Sustain - Sustain satisfies the Psionicist's hunger and thirst when used. Note that this skill also consumes movement points.

Level 17

Flesh Armor - Flesh Armor reduces the Psionicist's armor class temporarily. When one attains a sufficiently high skill in flesh armor, there is a chance that one will receive a stone skin (as the Enchanter spell) as well.

Reduction - Reduction decreases the Psionicist's height and weight.

Expansion - Expansion increases the Psionicist's height and weight.

Level 20

Death Field - Death Field is an area damage ability. It does more damage than any of the single-target damage abilities.

Equalibrium - Equalibrium removes any poison or blindness which might be affecting the Psionicist.

Level 23

Dominate - Dominate causes a mob to begin following a Psionicist. Dominated mobs may be braindrained at any time. Should one fail dominate on a mob, it will become aggressive. Only nonspellcasting mobs of up to half the Psionicists level may be dominated. Also, there is a limit to the number of dominated mobs a psionicist may control at one time.

Level 26

Mass Dominate - Mass Dominate attempts to dominate every mob in the room. The restrictions are identical to Dominate.

Level 30

Planar Rift - Planar Rift opens a rift to an alternate plane of existence. The planes are:

The Prime Material Plane
The Elemental Plane of Fire
The Elemental Plane of Air
The Quasi-Elemental Plane of Smoke
The Ethereal Plane
The Astral Plane

This is a quest ability.

Level 31

Synaptic Static - Synaptic Static is a nonfunctioning ability. It is meant to cause mobs to forget a spell, but does not have any effect at all at this time.

Level 35

Globe of Darkness - Globe of Darkness darkens lit rooms, which enables races with ultravision (Drow, Duergar and Illithids) to see in daylight. This is a quest ability.

Level 37

Tower of Iron Will - Tower of Iron Will increases one's resistance to psionic attacks. The PSP cost is extremely high, and the duration extremely low, but one will most likely take no psionic damage at all with Tower of Iron Will up, making it a very worthwhile ability to use before fighting mobs with psionic attacks. I myself have taken psionic damage only once.

Level 40

Canibalize - Canibalize converts movement points into PSPs. The ratio of movement points expended to PSPs gained is extremely unfavourable unless one uses a massive proportion of one's total moves. This skill is not worthwhile to use.

Level 41

Shift - Shift causes the Psionicist or another PC to be instantaneously transported to a different "target" PC. The target and shiftee must both be on the same plane of existence, both must be in shiftable rooms, and both must be visible to the Psionicist. In addition, the Psionicist must have the shiftee's consent and be in the same room as him.

Level 45

Battle Trance - Battle Trance increases the hitroll and damroll of fighting grouped PC followers of the Psionicist. When one has attained a sufficiently high skill in Battle Trance, there is a chance of berserking the affected PC followers, significantly increasing their hitroll and damroll, and removing their ability to flee. This is a quest ability.

Level 46

Stasis Field - While active, Stasis Field restores a small amount of hp to all in the room at a fast rate. Should the psionicist use any offensive ability, the stasis field will deactivate.

Level 47

Ultrablast - Ultrablast is an area damage ability. It is the most damaging ability Psionicists possess. This is a quest ability.

4 - Exp

At low levels, a Psionicist is likely to find itself alone, since the underdark is not very populated. Ixarkon itself is a good spot to exp for the first few levels, so long as one kills only fodder races (the justice of Ixarkon frowns upon the killing of Illithids). Once one reaches level 15, the body control ability will enable passage to the Drow hometown of Dobluth Kyor, which is where the majority of the Evil races converge and reside. Once there it ought to be easy to join an exp group, since illithids acquire their most useful single-damage abilities much earlier than other damage-dealing classes acquire theirs.

5 - Controlling Followers

To make a dominated mob perform a task, one uses the 'order' command. 'Order followers command' issues a command to all dominated mobs in the same room, 'order followername command' issues a command to a single mob.

In combat, all dominated mobs will assist the Psionicist. Should this be problematic (such as when weak mobs assist one and are killed), have them sent out of the room before fighting.

To rid oneself of unwanted followers, order them to recline and sleep, then tog follow 2x. The toggling of follow causes one's previous minions to become aggresive to you.

6 - Zones

In zones, Psionicists will most likely have the entire group following them. This is because the ultravision races must be following a Psionicist in order to see in daylight, and Warriors, Rogues and Dire Raiders need to be following if they are to profit from Battle Trance. It needn't be stressful leading the group around so long as one has a decent link. The actual zone leader will always give directions, simply follow them carefully and all will be well. One thing to take note of is when warriors are sent ahead of the group into a room with many mobs. In such cases keep looking into the room before moving, and only enter once every mob is engaged. Should it be impossible to farsee into the room, simply wait a short duration (2 seconds) before entering.

Another purpose is to deal damage. As a rule of thumb, I never use area damage abilities unless four or more mobs are in the room, because with 3 or fewer mobs it is more efficient to use single-target abilities. In rooms with 4 or more mobs, it is preferable to area. Before one uses the first deathfield or ultrablast, check to see that all mobs have engaged in combat already.

A final purpose is shifting members of the group about. Simply ask who is to go to where, collect the necessary consents, and shift accordingly.

7 - Tips

- Psionicists, unlike casters, can meditate in a room where combat is taking place. This is useful during exp since one needn't "mem out" and risk missing the kill, and in zones where there is no safe direction away from the fight to mem.
- There are many peculiarities regarding globe of darkness. If two psionicists are in a group, only have one use its globe, as the ability interferes destructively. Never put globe up before the sun rises. Do not allow enchanters, illusionists and elementalists to use their 'fog' spells, except in a "memout" room. Should your globe be interfered with despite these precautions, the room will be lit while one's globe is still active. All ultravision characters will go blind, and one will be unable to activate a globe (since it is already up). To correct this condition move in a safe direction (ask groupmembers with infravision where this is), then back into the room.
- NEVER SPAM AREAS. It is lazy, wasteful and very likely dangerous to do so.
- Every offensive Psionicist ability can be used while sitting. This makes sitting down in fights a viable tactic, since this almost eliminates the possibility of being bashed.
- Should it be essential that one is standing while fighting, use the Enlarge and Reduce abilities to re-size out of the bash range of the mobs (Enlarge yourself if fighting dwarves, reduce if fighting giants)
- The projectforce bash works on every type of projectforceable mob but dragons. This makes Psionicists the only class able to bash giants and demons, and the only class able to bash in !ground rooms.
- In zones when Enchanters announce that they are reducing members of the group, always politely decline and use your own Reduce ability, as it is superior to the spell.
- Mindblast stun is quite reliable once the mindblast skill is high enough. In certain fights it might be more useful for one to concentrate on stunning a casting mob instead of areaing.
- If you are failing shift, check the visibility and shiftability of the target.
- Planar rifts drop in !ground rooms, use spellcaster Gates instead.
- Always use detonate when you can. The massive damage, low psp cost and short lag more than compensate for the low applicability.
- At early levels, projectforce backfire will most likely kill you. Repeatedly. Bear with it, the only way to stop backfires is to improve one's mastery of the skill, which only comes through repeated use.
- Should you be forced to choose, Max_power equipment is preferable to +psp equipment.
- To acquire your quest abilities, make it a habit to talk to every mob.
- A useful application of shift is to transport player corpses. The syntax for this is "drag corpsename shift targetname". It may be necessary to acquire max_strength equipment to drag corpses of the larger races.


Feel free to reformat it for your site Tod.
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Postby Daz » Wed Aug 27, 2003 4:44 pm

wow, that guide was the most informative guide that shall ever be underused and underappreciated by the 3 active illithids that shall play at any given time.
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Postby Todrael » Wed Aug 27, 2003 5:32 pm

Thank you very much, Xisiqomelir. Psionicist Guide formatted and added to the site.

And Daz, I feel that you're intentionally trying to be hostile, and I would greatly appreciate it if you kept this thread clear of any comments like that. Thank you.
-Todrael Azz'miala, Ravager
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Postby Ragorn » Thu Aug 28, 2003 4:05 pm

And I had no idea what half those squid skills really did, never having zoned as an evil. Thanks for shedding some light :)
- Ragorn
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Postby moritheil » Thu Aug 28, 2003 5:47 pm

That guide is excellent. Some tricks, I knew. Others, I had forgotten. A few, I had never heard of =)
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Postby Todrael » Thu Aug 28, 2003 7:28 pm

Fixed a horde of typos, grammatical errors, formatting errors, broken links and outdated information in every guide. Fixed the Sedawi Village map page.
-Todrael Azz'miala, Ravager
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Postby Todrael » Thu Aug 28, 2003 8:17 pm

Added a map of Dobluth Kyor.
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Postby Todrael » Thu Aug 28, 2003 11:46 pm

Added a Bard Guide thanks to Aldira.
-Todrael Azz'miala, Ravager
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Delmair Aamoren
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Postby Delmair Aamoren » Fri Aug 29, 2003 6:41 pm

A Guide To Anti-Paladins
By: Delmair Aamoren

1. Starting Out
1.1 Choosing a Race
1.2 Rolling Your Anti-Paladin.
2. Skills and Spells
3. Zoning
4. Tips and Tricks

1. Starting Out -

Please see the newbie guide for this portion of the tutorial. It is a great tool and applies to each and every class.

1.1 Choosing a Race –

This Step is Pretty Simple, the only race that can currently be an Anti-Paladin is human. Humans, as in most muds and fantasy settings are the staple race that are the least restricted in what gear they can wear and what classes they can be. As a human Anti-Paladin, you will be restricted to Baldur’s Gate as your hometown. This hometown is expansive and easy to get lost in, but mostly harmless, and the most open city to visitors of other races, including the evil races.

Anti-Paladins, as a class, receive certain “innate”or given abilities. This is not a product of the race, but of the class. I will include these abilities here for lack of a better place to include them.

Detect Good – As the spell explained below. The Anti-Paladin is ALWAYS affected by this spell and has
no need to cast it or have it cast upon them to gain the benefits.
Protection From Good – As the spell explained below. The Anti-Paladin is ALWAYS affected by this spell
and has no need to cast it or have it cast upon them to gain the benefits.
Lifetap –Usage: lifetap <target>– This ability is only given to Anti-Paladins. Much like the Paladin ability
of “lay hands” this ability allows the Anti-Paladin to heal himself. This skill works a bit
differently, however. In combat, you can use this to cause a significant amount of damage
(up to ½ of your maximum life total) to a target, while healing up to 250 hitpoints of
damage. This ability does not work like a vampiric touch persay, as you cannot go over
your maximum hitpoint total. This skill can be used once every mud day, or 24 minutes.

1.2 Rolling an Anti-Paladin

Rolling an Anti-Paladin can be quite tricky. As warriors, they have needs for good Strength, Agility, Dexterity, and Constitution. As the priestly casters they are, they also benefit from a good wisdom, and also a decent intelligence. Although Anti-Paladins do not REQUIRE a high wisdom or intelligence, having a decent score in these categories will make spellcasting quicker, easier, and more efficient. The minimum stat requirements for an Anti-Paladin are:
STR: 65 DEX: 65 AGI: 75 CON: 75
POW: 0 INT: 40 WIS: 50 CHA: 0

As a recommendation, I would roll for at LEAST:
STR: Mighty or better
AGI: Good or better
DEX: Good or better
CON: Heroic or better
WIS: Good or better
INT: Fair or better

NOTE: An Anti-Paladin would be playable with stats below these, as these are just a suggestion.

2. Skills and Spells

An Anti-Paladin Benefits from both skills AND spells. They gain skills, much like a warriors, but also gain spells of a divine nature. Some of these spells are the same as what are cast by clerics, and the Anti-Paladins have some of their own.

Anti-Paladin class:
Note: I have marked the skills that are core to the class with an asterisk(*). These skills are either very important or very advantageous to the class as a whole.
1st level: kick – A skill that allows you to “kick” a combatant for more damage between rounds.
The amount of damage done seems to be minor at best, but at lower levels, it’s very
(*)Bash – This skill allows you to knock a mob to the ground. Usually done with a shield to
increase effectiveness, this can interrupt casters, keep an enemy from fleeing, or
switching opponents, or bashing you or a party member!
mount – This skill allows you to get atop a designated mount creature. Very useful for
Getting atop a mount before using “mounted combat”
offense – A skill that affects your combat. It is automatic in nature, meaning that it always is
in effect, you need not input anything to initiate it.
1h bludgeon – Your proficiency with one-handed blunt weapons such as maces, clubs, etc.
1h slashing – Your proficiency with one-handed edged weapons such as axes, swords, etc.
1h piercing – Your proficiency with one-handed piercing weapons daggers, shortswords, etc.
1h misc – Your proficiency with one-handed weapons that don’t fit into categories above.
2h bludgeon – Your proficiency with two-handed blunt weapons such as maces, clubs, etc.
2h slashing – Your proficiency with two-handed edged weapons such as axes, swords, etc.
2h misc – Your proficiency with two-handed weapons that don’t fit into categories above.
Bandage – Your ability to render a battlefield first-aid to a mortally wounded or incapacitated
combatant. This can be used both on player characters and non player characters.
Swimming – Your ability to move underwater! There aren’t many places in Sojourn where
this skill is used. Having the swimming skill at higher levels decreases the
effort it takes to move from room to room while underwater.
(*)Rescue – This skill allows you to remove another player from combat and take their place
in combat. Useful for mobs that attack the characters that aren’t as resistant to
physical assault.

5th level: defense – A skill that effects how well you can defend against multiple attackers. Also an
automatic skill. Nothing is required to initiate this. It just works.

10th level: meditate – A skill that is used to, by deep concentration, pray for your spells more quickly
and efficiently.
(*)quick chant – A skill, based on your intelligence, that allows you to cast a spell more
clerical spell knowledge – Your knowledge of clerical spells. This allows you to more
accurately identify wether or not a spell is hostile, and which spell is being cast.
sorcerous spell knowledge – As above, but sorcerous spells, those cast by the mage types.
spellcast generic, teleportation, summoning, protection, divination, invocation, healing:
Your knowledge of spellcasting in spells that fit the specific spell type.

(*)mounted combat – A skill that allows you to fight while atop a mount. This skill is both
offensive and defensive in nature. When mounted, your hitroll and damroll are
slightly increased (the increase is not visible to the player) and you have an
increased chance to “flankblock” attacks by moving your mount in a direction that
either decreases the damage taken or negates the attack entirely.

12th level: (*)parry – Another automatic defensive skill that allows you to partially deflect or completely
deflect an attack, decreasing or negating damage taken. Note: this skill is a pre-
requisite for riposte.

15th level: (*)dodge – Another automatic defensive skill that allows you to avoid, either partially or
completely, an attack, decreasing or negating damage taken.
blindfighting – This skill measures your ability to fight while blinded or in darkness. It is
automatic in nature, meaning it applies itself when needed, without any input from
the player.
hitall – This skill allows the Anti-Paladin a chance to land one, and only one attack on every
creature in the room (excluding PC’s in most situations). This skill lags the Anti-
Paladin considerably, and is rarely used because of the lag.
(*)summon mount – This skill allows the Anti-Paladin to summon a coal black charger, their
assigned mount to their side. This skill can be used up to three times per mud
week, and can only be used in a room flagged outdoors.
Unbind – This skill is used to untie yourself if tied up by a bounty hunter or guard.

20th level: (*)double attack – This skill measures your ability to launch a second attack in combat with
your primary weapon.
switch opponents – This skill measures your ability to switch your attacks from one target to
another. Very useful in large melee battles.

22nd level: disarm – This skill allows you to remove wielded weapons from opponents you are currently
fighting. Note: You must be fighting with the target you wish to disarm.

25th level: (*)riposte – This skill measures your ability to, once an attack is parried, launch a counter
attack upon your enemy.

30th level: (*)apply poison – This skill measures your ability to apply poison to your melee weapon(s).
Various types of poison are available that can slow, blind, cause damage, or even
paralyze your opponent.

Note: Spells are divided up into “Circles” see the newbie guide for help on which levels these “circles” are attained.
As above, the skills marked with an asterisk(*) are the most commonly used by Anti-Paladins.

1st circle: cause light – A minor damage spell. Generally not worth casting, as a regular attack with a
one-handed weapon usually does more damage.
detect good – This spell allows you to see a “gold aura” after all PC’s and NPC’s if they are
“good” in alignment. Note: Anti-Paladins get this as an innate ability.
(*)Bless – This spell allows you to, depending on your proficiency, temporarily increase your
hitroll and positively effect your save versus spells. You can also cast this spell on
other PC’s or NPC’s with the same effect. When cast upon a water container, this
spell will create holy or unholy water in the target water container depending on the
alignment of the player. As expected, holy water is undesireable to drink for an evil
character. When an Anti-Paladin drinks unholy water, he is healed an amount
comparable to a “cure light wounds” spell.

2nd circle: (*)armor – This spell allows the Anti-Paladin to temporarily increase their Armor Class by 30.
This spell can affect other PC’s and NPC’s, but they only receive a bonus of 20.
Only Anti-Paladins and Paladins receive 30 Armor Class for this spell.
command undead – This spell allows you to “charm” or control an undead monster. The
chance of this spell succeeding is based upon skill and character level, as is the
power of the creature you can control with this spell.
detect evil – This spell allows you to see a “red aura” after all PC’s and NPC’s if they are of an
“evil” alignment. This can be cast upon self or others.

3rd circle: create food – This spell allows you to create food for eating. Useful on long trips or when
purchased food sources run out.
create water – This spell allows you to re-fill an empty water container. Useful for long trips
when your water sources run dry!
pain touch – Much like cause light wounds, but more damaging, pain touch causes damage to
the target. Useful in situations where perhaps the target is too difficult to hit.

4th circle: (*)curse – This spell, when cast at an opponent, reduces their ability to hit in melee combat,
and increases their susceptibility to paralyzing attacks.
curse item – This spell, when cast on an item, makes it undroppable. This is advantageous for
weapons, to keep from fumbling them in a botched attack. This spell will, however,
decrease the amount of damage the weapon is capable of inflicting.
protection from good – This spell will create a magical barrier around the target, this will
provide protection against attacks from good aligned enemies. Note: Anti-Paladins
have this ability innately, and need not cast it upon themselves, they are already

5th circle: dispel good – Only effective against “good” aligned enemies, this spell of evil causes the
target to suffer for their goodness. The damage is mild to moderate compared to an
Anti-Paladins other spells and abilities.
Poison – This spell will cause the target to take a small amount of damage each “tick” or
game hour. This is not very effective in most combats, as they are usually over pretty
quickly for this to be useful.
spectral hand – This spell causes the target to be attacked by a disembodied hand. The spell
causes a moderate amount of damage. This spell, once castable, is a very effective
addition to the damage and destruction an Anti-Paladin can cause

6th circle: (*)blindness – Perhaps the single most useful offensive spell the Anti-Paladin can cast. This
spell, causes blindness in the target. A blind target has their ability to hit decreased,
their defense decresed, and cannot use skills such as bash, switch opponents, kick,
trip, etc. Also, the target cannot initiate combat with you for the duration of the spell.
This does not mean they cannot fight back, they merely cannot see you to re-initiate
combat if you were to leave the room for some reason. This also prevents rogue mobs
with daggers from being able to backstab you.
Fear – This spell, if successful, will cause the target to flee in terror.

7th circle: (*)dispel magic – this spell allows the caster to remove spells cast upon him or herself as well
as upon other targets. This will remove spells that are both beneficial and detrimental
to the target. This spell requires consent to target a PC.
minor paralysis – This spell allows the caster to paralyze a target. The paralysis is temporary,
and is dispelled if damage is caused, or a melee attack is made at the affected target.
Even with these restrictions, minor paralysis is a formidable and useful spell. This
spell is more effective and has a better chance to succeed if cast upon a mob that has
been previously “cursed”.

8th circle: wither – This spell temporarily makes the target easier to hit, and reduces their movement,
making it more difficult for them to flee.
(*)tazriks frenzied hound – undeniably the best damage spell given to the Anti-Paladin.
This spell has a duration of three combat rounds, during which a random target
in the room is attacked for a considerable amount of damage. This spell chooses a
target at random for each of the three rounds it is in effect.

9th circle: harm – This spell will cause a considerable amount of damage to a target. The best single-
target damage spell allowed to an Anti-Paladin.
(*)dark wrath – This spell, as a gift from their diety, temporarily increases the damage roll
and lowers the save versus spells of the caster. This spell can only target self.

10th circle: unholy word – This spell only affects good aligned enemies. It causes a good amount of
damage and has the chance to stun, blind, or even paralyze foes depending upon their
level and if they save. This spell has a very short casting time, which is quite useful,
but has a lag period afterwards leaving you unable to use other skills or spells.
unholy aura – This spell, although it has a short duration, is quite useful. It only benefits the
caster versus good aligned enemies, and is also castable only upon ones self. The
spell has two effects, first it causes damage to any good-aligned attacker that hits you.
This effect is similar to fire or coldshield. It also provides protection against those
good-aligned attacks much like “protection from good”.

3. Zoning

The purpose of an Anti-Paladin is not quite as easy to define as that of a warrior, or a cleric. The anti-paladin fills a multitude of niches, depending on what is needed. The anti-paladin, if in a group with a warrior, is rarely the “main tank”(the person who takes the hits from the majority of the enemies). The anti-paladin is usually used as a secondary or tertiary tank, an additional “basher” to keep multiple casting mobs from casting, or as a “rescuer” assisting the tank in taking the hits instead of the spellcasting types when the enemies attempt to switch to the casting types.

Depending on which role is played, the focus of equipment worn changes. If I am a primary “tank” for a group, I tend to wear a set of gear that offers high armor class, and high hitpoint bonuses. When tanking, generally an Anti-Paladin is mounted, making use of his mounted combat skill. Without this skill, your tanking ability goes down significantly. (ie when not mounted on your mount!)

If bashing, I wield a one handed weapon and a shield versus usually just wielding a two-handed weapon and remaining mounted. When bashing, it is best to use the heaviest shield you can find. The heavier the better.

If I am solely responsible for rescuing, I usually try to blend into a mixture of decent +hitpoint gear and +damroll gear. This way I can take a few more hits, and at the same time deal out some damage, all while focusing on rescuing the caster-types and rogues.

When not filling any of these roles, being immediately able to jump in and cover any of them is best. There really never is a point where you’re not going to be rescuing casters and rogues if they’re switched to. The only exception to this rule, thusfar, is when specifically instructed not to do so in fights versus dragons and other enemies that have special reactions to rescuing.

Anti-Paladins are far from required for a group to have in order to zone. The best way to get invited into these groups is to do the best you can at whatever task is requested of you. If you perform well, you will most likely be asked back another time. Don’t feel bad if you’re not asked often, as everything an Anti-Paladin is capable of doing, another class can do just as well if not better. This makes the class of Anti-Paladin more for flavor than necessity. Keep that in mind when looking for groups. An Anti-Paladin is a more than capable tank, and rescuer, but the warriors tend to get preference in these situations, as they generally have higher hitpoint totals and don’t require a mount to be a magnificent “tank”.

4. Tips and Tricks

As an Anti-Paladin, I found the first levels easiest to solo, or fight by myself. I used very little spells and focused on using my combat skills. The first few levels were spent with a one-handed weapon and a shield, using the increased armor class of the shield to my advantage. Once I reached tenth level I always fought mounted. This helped increase this skill to a higher level more quickly. Yes it was a long and boring process, I did less damage to an enemy using a one-handed weapon (wielding two-handed weapons while mounted isn’t possible until your skill level is 85+) but they did less damage to me. I leveled by myself mostly, occasionally with a bard or a shaman, using unholy water that I created and the innate lifetap ability to heal myself.

The spells Bless, Armor, and Dark Wrath are invaluable. The additional 30 armor class offered by the armor spell more than makes up for a shield when wielding a two-handed weapon, and bless/dark wrath both help save versus spells and increase hit and damage.

Of all the skills offered to an Anti-Paladin, none is more devastating than apply poison. The variety of poisons available allow you to cause damage, blindness, paralysis, or my favorite, slow an opponent. An opponent that is slowed essentially has it’s attacks reduced, in most cases by half. This, paired with cursing and blinding an opponent is often enough to give you an edge over enemies you couldn’t otherwise defeat.

Have a multitude of equipment for each slot. Sometimes the situation will warrant +hitpoint equipment, sometimes savespell gear is required. Other times, straight hit and damage is warranted.

Remember to remove weapons that don’t float when you are fighting over water. Countless weapons have been lost to carelessness.

Always carry a shield. The heavier the better. You never know when you are going to need it.

When soloing, use your skills like kick, hitall, and especially bash often. Also when not required to rescue or bash, use all of these “extra” abilities to increase your skill level and give that extra edge to you for damage. It beats needing to practice them later.

Weapons that “proc” or have abilities at random or when you land a critical hit are always nice to have. A weapon that proc’s blindness is invaluable. It keeps you from missing rounds of combat while you are casting it at a target.

At lower levels you will need a hitroll of at least 20, recommended 25. At the higher levels, when using a two-handed weapon this need will decrease to about 15-18.

Be flexible! Adapt to the situation as best you can.
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Postby Todrael » Fri Aug 29, 2003 10:18 pm

Formatted and added to the site. Thank you very much, Delmair.
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awesome guide xisi and delmair. would have loved to have something like this when i played an AP. great job!
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Added an Illusionist Guide thanks to Ssissu.
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