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Banners Unite

Postby Karae » Tue Dec 30, 2003 7:11 am

Nilan came rushing threw the open tent flap, "I have news Knight!"

"What is it Nilan?"

Nilan extended his hand, "I offer my services, my people will fight"

I extended my hand as a slight grin creeped onto my face, and I shook Nilan's hand. "I will not let any harm come to your people as long as I a here."

"I am not finished with the news, but somehow I believe you Knight, I saw the half-drow spirit."

"Where? What did she say?"

"She was in the tunnels of Underdar, talking to Artikerus, she spoke of two leaders, one by day, and one by night, the one by Night will be a dark dwarven king, while the day leader will be a Knight mounted upon a dragon." Replied Nilan

"Artikerus be the leader of the Night?" I asked

"Yes, and you Knight, you will be the leader by day!"
Clan Blindhammer
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Postby Clan Blindhammer » Tue Dec 30, 2003 7:44 am


Artikerus fluffed the last of the pillows in the tent, noticing a new hole in the canvas where the metal thanatar bug creation golem thingie had landed after it's brief encounter with the King of Gloomhaven.

It had been an interesting evening.

The crowning ceremony over and done with, Artikerus had immediately gathered the support of the clans for the upcoming war. Promises of expansion on both sides of the Gloom, and the brazen display of his refound clerical powers, had sent the Duergar into a near frenzy. Even the Trilk Clan had sworn their fealty. -That- was a feat.

Before Artikerus could meet with the Head PRiest of Vhaeraun, however, he was side tracked by Nilan. Nilan reminded him what the half-drow spirit had declared, "An armored dwarf will lead by night." and before he knew it, the surly king was spiraling through a mage's portal to land before Nilan, just outside of Waterdeep in the patchwork tent.

Karae, a silent and seemingly young holy warrior, stood before him, as well as a diminutive female mage. Through the evening, vists by an elven ranger of Leuthilspar, Necasio would seal the strange...alliance.

If Artikerus could even call it an alliance.

The agreement had been settled. The Elves and Humans would defend their cities, the Drow, Duergar, Yuan-ti, Trolls, Ogres, and even the Illithid, would defend the city of Dobluth Kyor and the Underdark. Both sides would meet when the amazing force of dragons was gathered, and travel to battle the Vile One.

Plans whirled through the duergars mind. "Push out to defend yer city," he had warned the human. "Then fall back to yer stinkin' city if you need to."

"The elves are the weakest link - the hardest to defend an' support, and the hardest to reclaim if ye retreat."

He had his own plans for the Drow city. He expected most of the allied races would meet the invading force outside the city gates, using the shadows of the Mir forest to their advantage.

It was the search and the first strike he planned on Trobraind - or "Trollbrain" as Artikerus referred to him - that held Artikerus' mind. First blood was always important, especially in the wars that decided history. First blood was crucial and could set the tone for the rest of the battles.

"General," muttered Artikerus.

King Artikerus Blindhammer
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Postby Karae » Wed Dec 31, 2003 1:21 am

I took a small peice paper out of my bag, it had been awhile since the strange little halfling merchant gave me. It ment nothing to me at that time, now it means everything. I folded it up, and put it back into my bag, it read.

The time is drawing near. Soon you will be called upon to defend the Realms once more, but the cause needs leaders. Raise the call. Bring men to your banner. Rally the Heroes of Faerun. First you must look to your own. The City of Splendors is in danger. Dark forces plot against you all. The assassin master Kang schemes with the forces of the Vile One to invade from below. If nothing is done, the city will burn.

Rally to the cause.
-A Friend

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