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Postby teflor the ranger » Fri Nov 26, 2004 9:02 am

The Priest of Auzorm'tvorl was always serious. He even relaxed seriously. Sprawled out in front of a fire, he explained to us quietly his truth that was Auzorm'tvorl.

"Ao granted power only to those who served his purposes."

Ao was simply the most powerful among the immortals, but he had used that power to consolidate his influence to include all of the other immortals.

Those who opposed him, well...

And the monoliths, the priest lights up like a child in a sweets shop as he prattles on about how they fortell the coming of Auzorm'tvorl.

"Our aim is to restore Ao to his rightful place, to where he was before he enslaved all the immortals under his influence."

Perhaps. But there seems to be no immortals helping Auzorm'tvorl. For that matter, why is it that Ao will not allow the immortals to intervene. The struggles and the balance of power amongst the immortals were not something the Wanderer claimed to understand.

The campfire burned down a little more, as the night set in. Teflor blinked sleepily as he rested with his companions. Could he really accept the will of one? Was it really alright that only one immortal had all the power?

The practiced foosteps of soldiers stirred the ranger from his thoughts. At least there were more pressing issues approaching.

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