The Weavers - An Inquiry

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The Weavers - An Inquiry

Postby Lirela » Wed Dec 29, 2004 5:22 am

I had to talk to Noloth’e. I hadn’t seen her in a long time, and there were new
questions to be answered. Having barraged the Wise Man with tons of inquiries,
I felt like I left with more new ones than I had old ones answered. Plus, I had to
make sure she was all right. If the Tvorlites want to take out all possible
moonweavers, was she in danger too, even though she’s a spirit? I had to know.

Kavik went with me, as always, and we headed south to the Black Swamp. Her
spirit is tied to the monoliths, and since we were in Waterdeep, the monolith by
the trolls was the closest one.

We found little resistance between the Ako Village sign and the monolith, and
when we reached the obsidian slab, I looked at it reverently. This ancient
monument was created by my Goddess centuries ago through the half-drow
priestess Noloth’e, whose spirit I was here to visit. Along with six others, these
monoliths are a warning to us, that the events shown would not come to pass as
long as we do not let them.

Well, I know this, but there seems to be some question among others who are
not of my faith. A missionary of Autormt’vorl, now dead at the hands of myself
and many others in the Alliance, had cast great doubt on Selune’s true intentions
for these visions. He claimed the runes on the slabs were Selune’s prophecy
about the second-coming of Auzorm’tvorl, that she foretold his rise to power. He
said Noloth’e was a crazy spirit who put the visions on the monolith to cover the
message of the runes... he didn’t say the visions were wrong, but it almost
seemed like he thought they shouldn’t be there... I was confused, and I never
got to hear very much of what he said. The only time I heard him speak, it was
cut short by an odd display of defiance by some people who were following him.

With a sigh, I laid my trembling hand on the smooth obsidian and called softly for
Noloth’e, bathing the area in moonlight as I did. She could draw strength from
the moonlight, and I wanted to do everything I could to ensure she could appear,
if she was even nearby.

Soon her familiar form appeared, seeming to come out of the monolith itself. She
greeted me with warmth and acceptance, and it was good to see her. I
introduced Kavik as my bodyguard and she thanked him for that. I hadn’t warned
him that she couldn’t speak verbally, so he was a little confused at first, but that
was soon resolved.

I told her about the good news first. We had just killed the Priest of Auzorm’tvorl
whom, I heard, Noloth’e had wanted members of the Alliance to kill as soon as
she saw him. She didn’t seem as pleased as I had hoped, even though she
agreed that this was a good day for us.

I asked why she was sad, and she gave us the metaphor of poison going into a
well where people drink and become ill...healers tend to the sick, but the well
remains. Auzorm’tvorl’s message was corrupting too many innocent people, and
no matter how many we can help, the message continues to be heard. She was
relieved when I assured her we would fight Him soon.

Suddenly a question came to my mind, perhaps from Selune herself, one I hadn’t
ever considered asking her. “Do you know how to find Felton, or how to lure him
to Faerun?”

She cringed and seemed terrified at the mention of Felton’s name. Then she
pointed to the monolith and projected the image of a rotting, dissolving horse.
That turned my stomach. I guess she was saying that Felton was like that horse.
“Spirit dead, shell His.” she said. But then, in the vision on the monolith, didn’t
the horse dissolve and then the groundhog took up his journey? Maybe killing
Felton won’t solve anything, but it’s got to be worth a shot. After all, he holds the
planes of thanatars open. If we destroy him, the planes will collapse and the
thanatars will be destroyed. We could just restrict access to and from the planes,
but one less Tvorlite is always a good thing. Especially one with his powers.

Eventually I also came to understand that Felton is Auzorm’tvorl’s chosen, and
that the Vile One gives him greater power than an average cleric. His body is still
mortal, because when I asked how to kill him she showed me images of bodies
frozen, torn, cut, burned... BUT, his power can be weakened by the beating of
the dragons’ wings. She said, “Malevolence cloud over wizard. Power. Wings
dispel cloud, power weakened. Aid of dragons, power coralled.”

With that to think on later, it suddenly occurred to me that I hadn’t asked her the
question I came to ask. I said, “I really came to ask how you are... are you in any
danger?” to which she replied yes. But she meant she’s in the same danger we
all are...if the battle upon the mountain fails, a dark cloud will envelope all and
destroy everything. But I was thinking of a different kind of danger. “But there's
no specific threat to you right now? No one seeking to banish you or anything?”

She nodded and petted the monolith. She’s tied to the monoliths, and as long as
they exist she’s ok. Until their purpose is fulfilled. I remember reading something
Gurns had written, saying that once the battle is over her spirit will be released
from its duty and she will finally be allowed to join Selune. I wasn’t convinced
she was entirely safe...

Then, out of nowhere, I had to ask, “Nolothe, I'm terribly curious.. how did you

I saw Kavik make a face at that. I guess he wasn’t expecting such a blunt,
perhaps rude question from me.

She petted the monolith again, and said she had given herself as sacrifice to
make the monoliths and save the future. No more needed to be said about that.

Then I said, “The runes, do they create the visions? Or did you create the
visions and tie them to the runes?” Here I was, asking a question I already knew
the answer to. I had faith in my Goddess and confidence in Noloth’e. But for the
record, I had to ask.

She touched my brooch and then indicated the monolith. “Conduit” was all she
said. I thought she wanted the brooch laid on the monolith, in the past I’ve
bolstered her strength that way. I almost got the feeling she chuckled at that, and
then shook her head. I feel so daft sometimes when I don’t understand what
she’s trying to say.

“Then the runes are the path to the visions? They are Selune's visions?” She
nodded. The we got confused again, or at least I did, but eventually I figured out
that Selune gave Noloth’e the signal to make the monoliths after Arex the Great
fell. She said it was a catalyst. Selune had to be sure the memory of that great
battle wouldn’t be lost, and to extend the warning so that Auzorm’tvorl’s rise to
power would be prevented in the future.

Then I remembered something else Gurns had written. He was unsure about
something one of the monoliths said: “From the deep they come to find the favor
of his vile nature.”

I asked Noloth’e about this, and she sent me this vision: eldritch rings, spirits
within. glittering jewel, undeath seeping in

I didn’t understand, and I tried to ask her about it, but she couldn’t answer. It was
time for her to leave, and suddenly it was as if she was being sucked back into
the monolith. As she faded from sight, she said, “The time is nigh for the battle to
begin. IT MUST NOT COME TO BE! Mind the lessons learned upon dying

And then she was gone, and Kavik was tugging at my elbow, urging me to move
on. We had been in one place too long. I retrieved my brooch with a sigh and a
lament, and with that Kavik and I left the swamp for Baulder’s Gate.

ooc Not one of my best, and perhaps a bit rambling. Sorry :(

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