UPDATE: Dragon Area Changes

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UPDATE: Dragon Area Changes

Postby Shevarash » Wed Feb 16, 2005 7:52 am

This thread will be used for listing notable dragon mobile changes -

1) Mobs that shouldn't be dragons.

Fixed these in the following zones:

    - Muspelheim (Hellhounds)
    - Tarrasque
    - Temple of Twisted Flesh (Otyugh)
    - Temple of the Moon (Hellhounds)

2) Difficulty Changes


3) Type Changes

    - CC (Quturac - now a Dracolich)
    - Tiosionioris (now a Blue)
    - Flames (Gem Dragons)

This thread will be updated as more changes are moved in. Not everything will be listed here, and there will be varying details of the changes.
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