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Zuurn Shatter Skull
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Rolling Stats

Postby Zuurn Shatter Skull » Wed Mar 07, 2001 10:19 pm

OK. I have heard tell of the way that you roll stats has changed from saying, 'good, fair, bad' to the actual ## of the stat rolled, is this true?? I just want everyone's thoughts on how this change would/will affect the mud if it has been implimented or whatnot. Personally, me not really knowing what I rolled was part of the fun of it, one of the better parts I loved. It was the thing that separated it from most other muds where you rolled your numbers, got pretty much what you wanted, and started playing. Speak your mind.

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Postby belleshel » Wed Mar 07, 2001 10:30 pm

Mixxed, It was nice not knowing exactly what you had, having a lot of people with different stats/slot needs. But for the first few months I don't mind, exping is slow, and hitting 20 only to find out you have some stats you can't/don't want to live with...thats a lot of play-time to throw out to reroll (course you can continue but be satisfied?..*shrug*). Maybe you can see ##'s for the first month, then back to the original Image as exping becomes easier.

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Postby Elscint » Wed Mar 07, 2001 10:40 pm

I think it's an excellent idea.
1)It will save hard drive space, the fact that you couldn't and probably can't still delete a character (because of just silly things that happened in the past). Now you won't need to roll a new character you'll know your stats right from the start.
2)I can't see implementing it only for the first month, that's unfair to late discoverers of soj3. Because I think it's easy to exp now that the mud has been up doesn't mean that someone who just found it will feel that way. It's just not right.
3)It will make all those peeps that had autorollers make a new one cause the syntax has all changed =P
4)If there is an average score that is to say your stats never average out to being better than 75 but no worse than 70 or something then this is definately the way to go, you'll still see diversity as people view different things to be more important. Joe might see Con as the most important stat for a warrior, but Jim might think gee I have all that plus Con gear and to be quite honest I think Agi gear is hard to come by I should probably shoot for a high Agi.

I truly see this as only a good thing it will help the players a great deal, sure it may take away some little bit of gratification you got in getting level 20 but as far as I know there is still level 25 when you get to see your hit dam ac, and align =P

Elscint Hairytoes (The Halfling Sorcerer)
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Postby izarek » Wed Mar 07, 2001 10:53 pm

to quoteth the Python:

" 'course it's a good idea! "

Many people reroll at 20 or so when they see their stats are crap. Whats the point of that? It's a game. Whose its supposed to be fun for? The players and the gods. Does it hurt the gods? No. Does it help the players? Yeah.

Don't want to know your stats? Dont type 'attr'.

'nuff said.

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Postby Averyn » Thu Mar 08, 2001 12:41 am

Elscint wrote,
I think it's an excellent idea.

Yeah! I think so too! woohoo!
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Postby Harthorm » Thu Mar 08, 2001 4:56 am

Elscint, I'm pretty sure that the last incarnation of Soj allowed you to delete characters before the wipe. But I may be on crack.

Anyway, I think that seeing your numbers is good. For those of you who would rather see good/fair/bad, just make a set of triggers to convert the appropriate values to their word equivalents hehe. I'd like to see how many people actually did that. Bottom line, it will cut down on re-rolling because your primary attribute of dexterity for your rogue turns out to be 10 points lower than you thought it was when you were rolling.

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Postby Ruhr » Thu Mar 08, 2001 5:10 am

While I'm enthusiastic about this newest change, I can't help but think 'a rose by any other name is still a rose.'

Specifically, if the max point celing is as low as it was in the past, your stats will still be substandard.

In light of this, I plan on spending a long time rolling to get the best possible stats I can...
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Postby Jhorr » Thu Mar 08, 2001 5:55 am

Newbies! If you know what you are doing you can tell if stats suck at level 1 Image
Bregar Blackwolf
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Postby Bregar Blackwolf » Thu Mar 08, 2001 6:22 am

I'll have to agree with Jhorr on that one. You can basically have an idea if your stats suck at level one and if not at level one then level 2 when you hit it. I mean with hitpoint con bonus points and all. The best part is just make sure you have a polished bone shield for bashing and con and you would be basically set for a warrior almost. I think the start hp base was like 39 or 40 if I remember anything less time to reroll. Well I can't wait to return and hope to see most of you there again..Let's kill a lot and get those JOT invasion's running again Image
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Postby Arrtiliss » Thu Mar 08, 2001 7:06 am


Having to see your stats in the very first level is very good indeed. But is it balance? i mean like every warrior is gonna try to get max str,con. you'll start seeing everyone wearing the same eq to boost their agi and dex. then the need for +con and +str eq for warrior is gonna be used, lesser and lesser. To me i think that eq kinda gives a char its unique kind of look. same as every other char. it's fun trying to dress your char with the rite eq. but other ppl mite not like it. i just don't want to see all the ppl wearing the same set of eq. i mite be wrong though.
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Postby Waelos » Thu Mar 08, 2001 12:38 pm

Art -

True, but! This isn't going to be the same mud . . . those folks who sacrifice dex and agil are going to find themselves wishing they hadn't because X or Y is really dependent on those stats! I think the staff really made (is making) an effort to make all stats really usefull, to make it even harder on us to choose! *wink* So since we're basically blind going in as to what stats will now affect . . .it almost like rolling blind anyway ? sorta kinda!

Jhorr - Shore! I could tell (within a couple points) my stats at level one . . . but I've already taken X minutes to get those stats, already had the name approved, etc. Now, I find out that darn! down a con notch. delete, roll, roll, roll roll (ad nauseum) enter game....damn! same notch. grumble. delete roll roll. . . take a lot of time, time you don't wanna be sitting in the roller while all yer friends are lvl 5 in the 10 minutes it took you to roll! hehe. . .

Can't wait to see the new look roller! =)

Waeee (who's stats have always been sub par!)
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Postby Tayros » Thu Mar 08, 2001 3:51 pm

It was really easy to tell what your stats were (with a few points) when rolling a Shaman... specifically, remove all your newbie gear and look at load carried... no sweat, 90+. Mem and casting times... 'nuff said, hit points for con, 90+ or 100...

Numbers weren't needed Image

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Postby moritheil » Mon Mar 12, 2001 5:26 am

Man... that's gonna take all the fun out of it. Why should we know what our #'s are when rolling?

-Mori, accused masochist druid
Zuurn Shatter Skull
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Postby Zuurn Shatter Skull » Mon Mar 12, 2001 10:13 am

Heh, at least one person agrees with me. Image

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Postby Malacar » Mon Mar 12, 2001 11:10 am

I'll give you my reason why.

I've played the game through to level 50 about 8 times now. I personally do not like wasting time leveling up to 25 to see if the character is a keeper. It wastes database space because folks keep making new characters if stats suck. It wastes time on a character you may not have wanted to play in the first place.

Not everyone is oriented in game to not care about statistics. I applaud you if you are one of those that do not. I, however, do care, and I think this is a great step in the right direction. Whether you agree with it or not, I hope it stays, though I do see a bunch of valid points in here as to why you do not like it.

To each their own.


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