Dragonspear Castle

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Dragonspear Castle

Postby Gukov » Thu Jun 25, 2009 3:20 am


I wanted to do dragonspear castle again, since I've only been there once. So I spent a while trimming the log from the time I was there in hopes that folks would be more willing to do it if they had lots of info on how it goes. It's way longer than the max limit here (about 230,000 chars, only 60,000 allowed here), so I put it up on my own site.


It's not perfect, but trimmed pretty well so that you see what the leader and such said to do. If a mob is a caster or whatever I generally left a line of it casting. This run was about a year ago (summer 2008) on a day when a Tia run failed to materialize.

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