Chrome or Firefox?

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Adriorn Darkcloak
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Chrome or Firefox?

Postby Adriorn Darkcloak » Sat Jan 08, 2011 5:52 pm

After Firefox recently separated their plug-ins from the main program, I've felt Firefox started slowing down and being meh. I was gonna try out Chrome, but I've read several articles commenting on how they keep track/store anything you type in the Omnibox or whatever they call it. I.E. a security concern.

Just wondering how much of this was true, and if people preferred Chrome over Firefox for any specific reasons. Do not bring up Safari, Opera, or any other browser. I'm just interested in the difference between Chrome and Firefox.

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Re: Chrome or Firefox?

Postby Kindi » Sat Jan 08, 2011 8:18 pm

chrome rocks. very fast, minimalist, bookmark and extension syncing across computers

note i'm biased: i got one of the prototype chrome netbooks...

i don't much mind their tracking. a word on that tho. any browser that 'helps' you with your searches (you start typing, and they give probable endings to the search phrase) are doing the exact same thing. it's not a chrome-only deal. and most of the browsers track where you go nowadays with their anti-malware filters, and other features. so they're all doing it, they're just calling google out for doing it 'a little bit more' - even tho google is the ONLY one who has stood up to the fed govt when it comes to giving out the info.

and there are extensions to block tracking if you really want... like Disconnect ... eifhpjdfeo

chrome will dominate since they pay attention to consumers and enterprise alike. they've got cloud print (which i've used, and works great) for printing remotely, they've got an office suite online (albeit somewhat minimalist), they've got MSI installers and active directory plugins (admins at work love that kind of stuff) which means it's the only browser besides IE which might gain widespread corporate approval, they release new versions every 6 weeks, new features all the time

like: built-in Flash and PDF Reader - no more having to install/update flash and adobe crap! so happy. and they're coming out with media players and such too
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Re: Chrome or Firefox?

Postby Corth » Mon Jan 10, 2011 1:10 am

Hey what's wrong with good old Internet Explorer?!? :)
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Re: Chrome or Firefox?

Postby Sarvis » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:32 pm

Been using Chrome since it came out and I'm happy with it. My GF uses Firefox and it just seems so cluttered with all the menus and toolbars now. Chrome is 99% viewing area, and fast as hell. You can even get a plugin to automatically send things to your phone (urls, addresses, etc...)

I'm generally not one to worry about privacy though...

But Chrome is open source, and I think there's another project that takes the Chrome source code and strips the tracking features.

Actually, here's an article: ... ncerns.php
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Teflor Lyorian
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Re: Chrome or Firefox?

Postby Teflor Lyorian » Mon Jan 10, 2011 6:53 pm

I use Chrome for web-only interaction. IE6 is a must for people using applications that reach locally into the system through the browser, or to support legacy devices. IE8 and Firefox 3.6 are pretty good. I really like the automatic updating of Chrome though.

Oh, and it's fast.
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