Bonded Fates? part Two.

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Bonded Fates? part Two.

Postby Karae » Sun Dec 21, 2003 11:45 pm

"Yes, let us get back to the visions." Replied Nilan, "Do you remember the part with the drider? I see many similarities, but like me....It hunts. And the horse perhaps a paladins mount once?"

"Perhaps." Karae responded

"It was consumed by the essense and dies, Now the essence seeks a new vessel..." came the words as Nilan spoke.

"The groundhog." Replied Karae

"The groundhog, is now the vessel of the being."

As the time passes the two speak about the groundhog, after the two have spoken awhile, Karae whent silient his eyes glazed over. Torm had appeared to only him, to deliver a message.

He said "Just as the drow's deity speaks, so too shall I. As one of my champions I can provide meagre clues, but Ao's dictates bar the pantheons from aiding directly."

As Nilan continued to speak about the groundhog, a vision of a priestess appeared before Karae, casting an image accurately, "The drider's purpose is not important, you must consider what else happens as the Drider stalks."

Birile spoke up, "Nilan, I am not seeing it."

Karae's eyes cleared, and he came too, "The drider is not what is important, but what happens as the drider stalks."

The three continued on with their conversation.

Still more to come.

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