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Postby Cirath » Mon Jan 03, 2005 8:03 pm

Would it be enough?

Cirath rolled that question over in his mind as he walked. The information he had given the alliance was old, certainly. He had probably held it to long. Gurns had mentioned that most of it had been provided by another source, though he had been surprised that Thak was a player in this game. Maybe it would be enough.

He couldn’t give them the rest, he had other uses for that, and if the others knew they may well try to stop him, an irritation he didn’t need. As he walked, he caught himself rubbing at the old scars on his wrists. He had been doing that a lot lately, the thought of one god or another taking full control of the Realms had him thinking back to days of slavery. Most unpleasant thoughts.

The assassin had also considered the fact that he may not live through this war, and wondered if the afterlife would be any better than the result of Azourm’tvoril’s victory. Probably not, but only time would tell, and until that time there were things to be done.

He glanced up, reading the sign to the tavern. He hadn’t realized he was there already. Frowning briefly at his lack of attention, he crossed the threshold and pulled back his hood.

Time to get a few more answers, and plan the next move.

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