Want to find... a missing elf

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Want to find... a missing elf

Postby Lilira » Mon Jul 18, 2005 10:55 pm

I rubbed my tired eyes before staring blankly at the stack of rolled missives before me. I had spent two years on the road, off and on, looking for Jorinthal to no avail. I had paid individuals to discretely look for signs of him. Nothing. The ache of the unfulfilled vow prodded me and now it had finally come to this.

I stared at the drying ink on the parchment before me.

Information Wanted on the whereabouts of Jorinthal Autumnstorm.

He is elven, last seen with mottled silver-brown hair and pale blue eyes.
Additional description is not available.

Any information may be sent to Lilira Shadowlyre, in the care of the Dead
Orc Inn in Waterdeep. Rewards for information may be available depending
upon the content. It is most imperative this elf is found alive.

Once dried, I rolled it up to go into the pile with the others. I would post one in Baulder’s Gate, Waterdeep, Calimport, Viperstongue and even Griffon’s Nest. I would send others with a personal plea attached to Nilan in Dobluth Kyor, Artikerus in Gloomhaven and even the dwarves of Mithril Hall asking that they post my information requests in their city.

The time was coming where I would have to return to Leuthilspar. I did not wish it to happen until I had found the elf I was looking for.

Jorinthal Autumnstorm. My father.

OOC: This is the disclaimer part. *grin* This is in no way related to the RPQ Sphere. If at a later time the RPQ sphere becomes involved, it is solely at their discretion.
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Postby Alonwynn » Fri Aug 12, 2005 5:39 pm

A silent figure stood serenly next to the gurgling fountain in Waterdeep. She was cloaked in velvet of deepest blue trimmed in silver, her large hood pulled up over her head to conceal her features.

As she stood perusing the local bulletin board, salesmen continued to harrass her, often shooed away by the guard standing watch in the public square. She ignored it all and continued to read the many parchments pinned to the board.

One message in particular caught her eye. Half covered by a local tavern's advertisement for a party already passed was the post she had been waiting to see.

She reached a slender hand up to the board and removed the post about the missing elf. Patiently, she rolled the parchment tightly and tucked it away inside her cloak before silently slipping off to the south down the Street of Silks.
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Postby Lilira » Mon Aug 15, 2005 6:10 pm

I had just reached Waterdeep after all my running around on the elven isle. So much had happened that I needed the feel of my home to help center myself. I also had to go through my belongings and see if I could find anything to wear for our possible audience with Queen Amlaruil. I certainly wasn’t going to wear my armor. At last, my love affair with silk would come in handy. Perhaps I could even contrive to be presentable.

I meandered down the Street of Silks breathing in the pleasant and not so pleasant odors that spoke to me of home, and decided to stop by the notice board on my way past. The parchment I had posted about my search was gone. Frowning, I wondered who would have taken it, and jogged to the Dead Orc to see if anyone had left a message for me. Nothing.

Muttering under my breath I grabbed a table in the tavern and quickly scribbled down another notice using the same words, wandered back to the board and reposted it.

Then I wandered down to my armorer friend’s place and started sorting clothes. “I really need a house,” I muttered wincing at the wrinkles in some of my clothes. The room appeared as though a prismatic spray of silk had burst through the room. Clothes of every color were laying over every surface in the room.

“Too much silk, too little time.”

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