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Invoker XP Curve

Postby Shaiith » Sun Jul 19, 2009 3:03 am

When I get bored, I solve obtuse problems that I make up myself. While leveling an invoker in Scardale, I got tired of watching melee round scroll past, so I decided to see if I could figure out the exact invoker xp table. Turns out you can. (Modulo a factor)

The process is fairly simple with a lot of math (see the end). Watch as trophy declines, and use that to calibrate the current level's size relative to prior levels. The numbers listed are the ratio of the levels, If level six really takes 6700 xp, then level 4 takes whatever 67 * 36 is (2412).

To date
Level "XP"
  1. 0
  2. 7
  3. 14
  4. 36
  5. 60
  6. 100
  7. 170
  8. 270
  9. 410
  10. 550
  11. 755
  12. 1030
  13. 1360
  14. 1770
  15. 2230
  16. 2820
  17. 3830
  18. 5240
  19. 6830
  20. 8900

Here's how to calculate the ratio, I've done that for all levels through 10 so far. I'll be continuing this as I level.

Barely into level 4

Code: Select all

You receive your share of experience.
You raise a level!
Your blood freezes as you hear the rattling death cry of an engorged tick.
corpse of an engorged tick appears to be empty.
Score information for Eshaman

Level: 4   Race: Grey Elf   Class: Invoker   
Hit points: 128(131)  Moves: 173(173)
Experience Progress: 0 %

Kill statistics for Eshaman
      Exp   %   Name
  5.5   a grass snake
  4.3   a fruit bat
 65.2   an animated plant
 17.3   a weakened mind flayer

Near the end of level 4 (bigger ranges are better)

Code: Select all

Score information for Eshaman

Level: 4   Race: Grey Elf   Class: Invoker   
Hit points: 131(131)  Moves: 173(173)
Experience Progress: 98 %

Kill statistics for Eshaman
      Exp   %   Name
 16.7   a Scardale Guardswoman
  5.6   a very pregnant woman
  3.4   a bum
  3.4   a grass snake
  2.6   a fruit bat
 39.4   an animated plant
 10.4   a weakened mind flayer

For this level I was tracking all the mobs that were on trophy at the start of the level. At the beginning of the level (4.00) my total on trophy was 92.3%. Near the end of the level (4.98) those same mobs were 55.8%. By applying the formulas below, It's possible to calculate that gaining level 5 requires 1.667471 times the xp to gain level 4. If the xp to gain level 4 is 36, then the xp to gain level 5 is basically 60. If the xp to gain level 4 is 180, then the xp to gain level 5 is 300, etc (it's in the ratio of 1.667471 whatever the actual numbers are)

The math
As long as you don't kill mobs on trophy, the total xp k represented on trophy is a fixed number. At the start of the level your trophy will say k/x and at the end it will say k/y. The ratio of the total trophies of mobs not killed during the level start/end will be y/x or the ratio of the experience to gain level n+1/xp to gain level n.

Since it's practically impossible to see trophy exactly at the start and end of levels, the formula is a bit more complex than the ratio of the trophy totals. If at n.xx trophy totals p and at n.yy trophy totals q, then the ratio r of xp to level n+1/xp to level n is given by

let s = (p/q - 1)/(yy - xx)*100 (s represents the "size" of level n)

r = 1 + s / (1 - xx/100 * s)

There are probably simpler terms this could be expressed in.

At 5.10 trophy was 57.6 % and at 5.98 trophy was 37.3%.

s = (57.6/37.3 - 1)/(98-10)*100 = 0.61845...

r = 1 + s / (1 - 10/100 * s) = 1.6592...

If Level 5 takes 60 xp, then level 6 takes r * 60 = 99.553... call it 100.

(edit: I quote a lot of precision above. The data isn't that accurate as at most I have two digits on the % in level.)
(edit: extend the table out to level 20, the level 20 value is preliminary, will have more data
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